Arrington: A Matter of Trust

. . .Another week, another LaVar Arrington non-controversy. Arrington played only two snaps against Seattle, which is unbelievable given what he can do on the field. The Redskins are winning and that's what matters and give Arrington credit for saying the right things.

Nobody -- and I mean nobody -- in any business would be happy in the same situation. And those who say athletes are only about the money should be glad that a guy cares if he plays or doesn't. Gregg Williams has the clear right to play whoever he can trust and it's abundantly clear that the defensive coaches, at least some of them, don't trust Arrington.

One thing I will say is that the reports saying Arrington balked at playing special teams, threatening to miss meetings sounds like a set-up. I know Arrington fairly well and this doesn't sound like him. Granted, it's really hard to know an athlete these days but I never believed this story because it just didn't sound like him. But it does sound like the beginning of the end in Washington. When the Redskins, most teams for that matter, start the process of unloading a player, stories like these are always leaked out. Arrington knows this, which is why he mentioned the phrase ''whether it's here or elsewhere'' in his 17-minute interview Monday.

. . . I thought it this summer, and wrote it as well, but Mark Brunell is the reason this team has a chance to make the playoffs. He plays relaxed and he has a presence, which makes him still effective.

. . . I haven't been impressed with Casey Rabach. Much of Seattle's pressure came up the middle Sunday, and he was shaky against Dallas.

. . . When Nick Novak was at Maryland, Ralph Friedgen used to make the entire special teams unit run if he missed a kick. Talk about pressure. It's no wonder Novak has ice water in his veins.

. . . It's a good thing Washington has a veteran long snapper in Ethan Albright. Life is risky enough with two young kickers, and a young holder.

. . . Since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970, 95 teams have started the season 4-0; 79 have gone on to make the playoffs.

. . . David Patten looked terrific this summer, but he's not getting open and he's not explosive enough to do much with those receiver screens. Laveranues Coles had a quick first step and could make defenders miss. Patten does not. He's a great worker and a great locker room guy, but not seeing much on the field. James Thrash has been more productive in fewer opportunities.

. . . Warrick Holdman has eight tackles this season. Eight. Yes, he's the one playing ahead of Arrington.

. . .I repeat: eight.

. . . I don't buy the talk about the Redskins being the worst 3-0 team in history. What the heck kind of a statement is that? They've won close games, yes, but that doesn't mean they're bad. They won at Dallas, an impossible place for them to win, and they beat a 2004 playoff team at home -- controlling the ball for 39 minutes. They have a good defense -- elite defenses cause more turnovers -- a solid running game and a capable quarterback. That doesn't sound like a bad team to me.

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