Jon Jansen Answers Your Questions

Redskins OT Jon Jansen sat down to answer a few questions from Redskins fans posed on our CPND Board.

Jacjr2002: Not to go against Buges, but what nickname would you rather be called? Hogs, or Dirtbags?
Jansen: I'm indifferent to any nicknames. The Hogs was back then. If they want to call us the Dirtbags now, that's OK.

Rtandler: What else do you do in the offseason besides hunt and fish?
Jansen: I do a lot of boating, hang out in the boat. I go to a bunch of different islands on Lake Michigan.

Rat Boy: Are you a big video game guy
Jansen: No, I don't do video games.

Rat Boy: What type of music do you like and who are your top two artists?
Jansen: Country music. And the two artists would be Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.

pharaoh4:  Jon you've blocked for several runningback's in your career. Who would you say is the best that you've played with and why?
Jansen: Stephen Davis, no question. He had the total package. He was fast and strong and a great teammate. When he got to the sidelines he turned it up, not out.

amudgarden:  Jon: If you could pick any position to play in the NFL, offense or defense (other than OL), what position would you choose and why?
Jansen: I'd probably play D- end. That's the only other thing I know. I know all the weaknesses and all the things the offensive line has to do.

Mchskins74:  Jon how is it playing for the greatest O-line coach ever? I saw Buges and the O-line warming up last year at a Miami Preseason game and it sent chills down my spine!!
Jansen: It's terrific. It's been an honor. When you talk about the greatest offensive line coaches his name would definitely be in the top five. To play for a guy like that it's not only an honor, but a great opportunity.

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