Trade possible; so is Trotter signing

By the end of Saturday, the Redskins could land linebacker Jeremiah Trotter, trade up in the draft and select quarterback Joey Harrington, changing the makeup of the team. If nothing else, that's what Washington would like to have happen.

The Redskins reportedly will try to trade up to draft the Oregon quarterback, whom owner Daniel Snyder really likes. And they might have found a willing suitor in Jacksonsville. The Jaguars, picking ninth, apparently are willing to make a deal.

The question is, will that be the right spot to get Harrington? After all, some reports say Kansas City, drafting eighth, wants to select Harrington--starting QB Trent Green is a free agent after next season. On the other hand, the Chiefs just traded for Green last year and might not want to go after another quarterback a year later.

Cincinnati, drafting 10th, seems to have a strong interest in Harrington, especially if they can't get Drew Bledsoe from New England. Buffalo also is trying to trade for Bledsoe. That leaves Jacksonville, which would like defensive line help. The Jaguars also need more young players and would like to add more picks.

Enter Washington. Problem is, can the Redskins offer enough? And would Cincinnati top their offer?

It's certainly the type of splashy move Snyder likes to make--even if he called reports that he wouldn't draft a guard ''silly''.

Then there's Trotter. The Redskins, by default, could end up with the two-time Pro Bowl linebacker. Green Bay postponed his visit until next week--you don't do that if you really want to sign the player. The Packers hope he somehow lowers his demands. Minnesota reportedly was interested, but coach Mike Tice shot that down today.

And Houston just traded for a linebacker.

That leaves Washington.

If the Redskins get Trotter, their defense could become one of the best, with a little more tinkering. It's not what everyone expected from a Steve Spurrier team. But people can't forget this: Spurrier likes to win. With a dominant defense, the Redskins could do just that.

John Keim covers the Redskins for The Journal Newspapers.

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