Bears: Skins haven't made an offer

The Redskins say they want Shane Matthews. The Bears say he's available. So will a deal be completed? Perhaps, but a Bears source said the Redskins, so far, seem content to wait.

''They're playing chicken with us,'' a Bears official said.

This source said Washington has talked with Chicago about Matthews, but hasn't yet made an offer for the nine-year veteran quarterback.

The Redskins could be waiting to see if they get Joey Harrington in the draft. Or they could be waiting until Chicago releases Matthews. The Bears already have Jim Miller and Chris Chandler as their top two.

But Washington should beware if it wants to wait.

''We're prepared to take him to training camp,'' the Bears official said.

John Keim covers the Redskins for The Journal Newspapers and is a correspondent for Pro Football Weekly.

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