Redskins select QB Ramsey

The Redskins traded down, and down again. Then, after an offseason heavy on defense, they selected what they hope is their future with the last pick in the first round: quarterback Patrick Ramsey of Tulane. The 6-foot-2, 219-pound Ramsey set a school record, throwing a touchdown pass in 31 straight games. In his career, Ramsey threw 72 touchdown passes.

All of which makes Redskins coach Steve Spurrier smile. Here is Spurrier's press conference with the Washington media.

Q: After the fourth defensive tackle went, did you think you could trade down and get Patrick Ramsey later?

A: We felt like some of the players that we needed would be there a little later.

Q: Did you try to trade up for Harrington or Stallworth?

A: It didn't work out with either of those two. We had some interest there. . . Wee think Patrick has a very strong arm, can make all the throws and we're looking forward to having him here.

Q: When did you become sold on him?

A: We liked him all along, no question about that. We felt like he was potentially an oustanding player in this league. In the end it's all wait and see. Drafting is a lot like recruiting in college. But he's a talented young man who can really throw. We feel he has a chance to be good.

Q: Does this limit the likelihood of trading for Shane Matthews?

A: It could be now that we have four quarterbacks. Whether or not we'll bring in a veteran, we'll have to wait and see where we are down the road.

Q: Is it possible Ramsey could start?

A: Oh, it's possible. It's possible Sage could start or Danny could start or Dameyune could start. Right now we're planning on giving these four a really good look. Obviously we'll have to make some quick decisions.

Q: Does it concern you the lack of starting experience among that group?

A: That's why we've got five exhibition games. We've got to get them some experience quickly. Maybe it's a blessing that we have an extra game to get these young quarterbacks experience.

Q: Are you surprised to get a QB?

A: A little bit of a surprise. We still need to get a guard, maybe another defensive lineman somewhere. We've got some extra picks now by trading down. We could add several other players in the next few rounds.

Q: Was Harrington your number one target?

A: We didn't think we had a good chance of getting him . . . especially with him going as early as he did.

Q: How much thought did you give to a guard?

A: We gave a lot of consideration to guard. Hopefully one or two will be there quickly in the second round. We'd like a center-guard type.

Q: Did you try to recruit Ramsey in college?

A: Not really. He was from Louisiana.

Q: Have much awareness did you have of him?

A: The first time I had awareness of him I watched him on tape. It was Tulane vs. maybe Louisiana-Monroe or someone and I said man that quarterback looks good. He has good fundamentals, throws it well. He didn't play for a real good team, but he's pretty sound.

Q: How was the trip to FedEx Field?

A: The crowd was fired up. It was exciting for Marvin Lewis and I to go over there. Lot of noise. They're ready for football season. They're ready to yell and scream. We'll try our best to give them something to scream about.

Q: Ramsey has had issues with weight, is that a concern?

A: He's trimmed down pretty well. But he's a good sized young man. He can take a hit or two.

Q: Did you have a shot at Stallworth?

A: We had some interest in Donte, but we had trouble getting a trade with any of those teams in there.

Q: Could you envision getting another pick in second round?

A: That's a possibility.

Q: How prepared was Patrick by his college experience?

A: I don't know about that. We'll have to wait and see.

Q: What are your remaining priorities?

A Offensive lineman, defensive linemen. One or two of those.

Q: You like toughness in a QB, does Patrick have that?

A: I think so, but again we just have to let them go play. I don't like to make predictions. I think he's a very talented young man, tough and can make all the throws. We'll coach him as hard as we can and see if he's the best one we've got.

John Keim covers the Redskins for The Journal Newspapers.

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