Spurrier loses interest in Matthews

The Redskins pursuit of quarterback Shane Matthews has ended. At least for now. Washington coach Steve Spurrier said he's content with the four quarterbacks he has--and he doesn't anticipate bringing a fifth player to training camp in July.

Washington had talked with Chicago about trading for Matthews, who likely will be cut. A Bears source said they would take Matthews to camp with them if necessary, saying they thought Washington was playing chicken with Chicago.

And Spurrier even admitted that as recently as two days ago he didn't think Washington would select a quarterback in the draft, especially not Patrick Ramsey.

''We probably won't [pursue] Shane right now,'' Spurrier said. ''It didn't work out. We jumped off and went in a different direction with Patrick. If Shane had worked out, we may have gone in a different direction. Maybe this was just meant to be.''

That doesn't mean Spurrier wouldn't consider Matthews should Chicago cut him. But Spurrier also said he didn't foresee bringing in a veteran quarterback should his young quarterback's struggle in camp.

''I don't anticipate that happening,'' Spurrier said. ''That's like asking me how I'll like losing half the time. I don't plan on that happening. If it does happen I'll be a basket case.''

Also, Spurrier said he'll continue rotating quarterbacks, based on who's playing well--and who isn't.

''If they're really struggling,'' Spurrier said, ''my experience has been that it's helped a guy to hit the bench for half a game. After he watches from the bench, he's a lot better quarterback.''

John Keim covers the Redskins for The Journal Newspapers.

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