Nothing Fancy About Picks

The Washington Redskins draft came off like a sparkler at a Fourth of July fireworks. Still the Redskins came away with 10 picks including a top quarterback.

NFL Draft day 2002, a day I look forward to since the arrival Dan Snyder. This year is even more intoxicating as Snyder loads the team up for gun slinging head coach Steve Spurrier. I just knew that there would be a block busting draft day trade that would supply Spurrier's high-powered offense with a gun capable of running it, Oregon's Joey Harrington.

The trades came but not the gifted signal caller whose 25-3 record includes several fourth quarter pressure packed come from behind wins and oh by the way, his unbeaten record in post season.

Patrick who? From where? That would be Patrick Ramsey, a guy touted as ‘nearly as good as the other two.'

A slow plodding quarterback from Tulane doesn't fit the NFL's latest trend of picking quarterback's that are in reality running backs with strong arms. Spurrier's offense requires the quarterback to make quick reads and make snap decisions and doesn't require a lot of scrambling. It also requires the quarterback not to make turnovers and dumb decisions.

Even though Washington didn't make the "big trade" they did parlay 7 picks into 10 picks and managed to make some rather nice selections.

Ladell Betts is an interesting selection that will attempt to fill in for Stephen Davis. Those are some big shoes to fill but Betts like Davis is a decisive runner who can drag defenders for extra yardage. He doesn't show the speed Davis does to get to the outside but he still manages to get there.

Rashad Bauman is another trash talking corner back that should make camp fun, if he can find time when Fred Smoot isn't yapping. The difference is that Smoot walks the walk however; Bauman has the skill to do it too.

That blur across the field might be the Redskins 4th selection in the draft, Clifford Russell. Russell just might challenge Darrell Green to the fastest man and probably will win it. Russell is clocked at 4.2 something but looks more like 4.1 speed. If you watched any Utah games you saw a lot of defenders trying to keep up with him. Russell will fit Spurrier's offense perfectly and should provide some deep threat excitement. Speed isn't Russell's only attraction; he is also very strong and can fight off defenders in a pack.

The Redskins then selected Andre Lott out of Tennessee who probably will have to make the transition to safety, a move that will probably suite him well. Lott will most likely provide depth and his best chance is playing special teams as a work in process project.

Tight end Robert Royal provides a huge target for the quarterback. Spurrier's offense doesn't place a high priority on the position, or so it is thought.

Reggie Coleman might be a nice selection in the 6th round but he has a couple transitions to make, from offensive tackle to offensive guard and from college level play to NFL play. I think Coleman is a long shot and he'll have to find a mean streak between now and July.

In the 7th round, the Redskins came up with Jeff Grau out of UCLA who projects to be a long snapper, Gregory Scott a defensive end out of Hampton and a full back out of Kansas named Rock Cartwright. Of the Three Cartwright seems to be the more interesting.

So Mr. Harrington doesn't go to Washington, which is not good, yet still not bad considering the price the Redskins would have had to pay. Ramsey just barely becomes the Redskins first round pick quarterback, first since Heath Shuler, and the Redskins get a total of 10 players instead of 7. The trick will be if the Redskins are suddenly better at finding talent in rounds 3 through 7 AND are better at selecting quarterbacks. And if they are, then no Harrington is all right with me.

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