Fans' Turn: Chris Samuels

Chris Samuels, the Redskins' left tackle, answers fans questions submitted on our CPND Redskins Addiction message board.

Q: How would you like to be remembered?
Samuels: As the greatest offensive left tackle to play the game.

Q: What has to happen -- individually and with the team -- for you to be satisfied with your performance, and to feel that you lived up to that contract?
Samuels: I want to win a Super Bowl and I want to make the Pro Bowl

Q: Who is consistently the most challenging DE you face?
Samuels: Rucker with Carolina. He just goes hard every play.

Q: What one play called gives you the most satisfcation?
Samuels: I like the slip screen that we ran to Santana when I go out there and pick on one of the little guys.

Q: Which DL talks the most smack?
Samuels: I don't know. I can't really think of one. No one stands out.

Q: Where do you go to get some down home southern cooking around here?
Samuels: I have to have someone come cook it for me. But there's Carolina Kitchen in PG County and Catering to the Soul. Her husband does security here.

Q: What's the coolest toy you've treated yourself to?
Samuels: A Bentley Coupe.

Q: Who's the most underrated player you've faced?
Samuels: I guess the guy from last week [Jared Allen].

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