Q & A With Dale Lindsey

The Redskins' linebackers coach talks about LaVar Arrington's performance, but stops short in saying what this means for his future.

Q: How did you evaluate LaVar's performance?
A: He did some things good, some things bad.

Q: You said you were pleased that he played the right defenses, is that the primary thing with him?
A: Do what the defense asks you to do versus what the offense is doing. That's the primary goal of everybody we put on the field. That's doing your assignment and then being a player, then go find the ball. . . If a player won't play disciplined, it won't make a difference because he won't be where he's supposed to be. So it won't do you any good. Good or bad, if you're not doing what you need to do, you don't need to be on the field and if you will, you'll certainly as hell be on the field.

Q: And were you pleased how he handled that?
A: It was a starting point. I can't say we were displeased. It's a starting point. Is it what we wanted it to be against what we think would be one of the better teams in the league? No, because San Francisco is not one of the better teams in the league. They're not Philadelphia or New York or Dallas or Tampa Bay or some other teams we have to play. I don't mean to diss them, but talent-wise, Mike Nolan does not have a lot to work with right now. So it was a good game to start with.

Q: Will he get more time this week and in the future?
A: It's a week to week thing, with what we see and what we have to do to beat the other team.

Q: Did he do his job on the touchdown runs?
He was close to doing his job, but there were a lot of others too. There were four or five guys close to doing their job. Either you get the job done or you don't and three or four guys didn't get it done on that play.

Q: What stood out in your mind about his performance?
A: The thing I did see from LaVar is that he looked like in pursuit of the ball that he was completely healthy and gave it a damn good showing, with good energy. As far as execution and attention to detail, there's still room for improvement. The same is true for everyone on the team. But it's a good first outing. Let's see what this week brings because this is the only week that counts.

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