Post Mortem: Gibbs and Player Comments

Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 10.30.05--Joe Gibbs and Redskins players talk about their blowout loss.

Joe Gibbs' Postgame Comments

Opening statement:  First of all I congratulate the Giants.  I think they did a heck of a job.  They played a heck of a ball game and we didn't.  I think we were all together from a Redskins standpoint and I think something like that starts with me.  Certainly it is my responsibility and I think it was all of us together.  I think basically you can say that the Giants played a heck of a ball game and we need to give them all the credit and we didn't. 

Question:  How disappointing is this to lose such an important game for first place in the division?

Answer:  I think we all realized what was at stake.  We had talked about it all week, the big ball game for us and for them so there was a lot at stake.  There was a lot riding on it and we didn't play well.  I think we take a long hard look at ourselves and it certainly starts on me on this and see what we can do about it. 

Q:  Why were they able to run the ball so effectively?

A:  I think it was a little bit of everything with them running the football and controlling it.  I think for us we couldn't run it; we couldn't control it and I think we dropped balls and I think it goes all the way across the board.  It was just all of us together and like I said it was all of us together on it and it is something we can look at and like I said it starts with me.

Q:  What were the Giants doing to limit the touches of Santana (Moss)?

A:  I thought they just had a very good scheme.  They played hard.  I don't think it was any one thing.  I think, probably, a lot of it was us and a lot of it was them really playing hard.

Q:  Are any of the injuries a particular concern?

A:  That is the number one thing I am concerned about right now.  We had a number of guys who did not play much.  I think Cornelius (Griffin) played two plays or something like that.  So we've got a number of injuries there that we are concerned about so we will just have to see.  I think Phillip (Daniels), Chris Samuels, a number of key guys here so we'll just have to see how healthy we are when I get the reports back. 

Q: Did they just have more emotion today?

A:  I don't know.  What it was, is hard to say.  It is always hard for me.  Certainly I don't think we matched them all the way across the board with anything.  I think it was just their day. 

Q:  Why do you think they were able to run so well on your right side all day?

A:  Like I said I think you could probably pick out about ten things they really did well and I certainly don't have an answer for it right now.  I think you could pick out almost anything that they did and we just weren't able to get it done today. 

Mark Brunell

On the game:

The Giants beat us. They are a good football team that is playing solid football. They came out and they were physical on both sides of the ball and flat out beat us up and down the field.

On the loss:

It's really frustrating. I certainly could have played a lot better. I could have made a lot better decisions. We didn't make the plays. We never got in a rhythm. We turned the ball over and dropped passes. This obviously was a big game coming into this place. You have to give a lot of credit to coach Coughlin and his players because they rose to the occasion and were certainly far better than we were today.


On the team:

I think we have the potential to have a team that is special. I believe we have the character and the work ethic.

Casey Rabach

On the offense:

It is tough because the three and outs will kill you. We are a team that thrives on wearing a defense out. It just didn't happen today and that is not the Joe Gibbs way of football.

When you try to rally the troops again and again, nothing clicked today. Obviously we have a lot to learn from this film. Like I said, we'll get it out of the way and learn from it and get on to Philly.

Santana Moss

On the game:

We didn't play our best.

On the Giants emotion:

I talked to a couple of guys and that was the first thing that they said. When you are playing football and you don't have enough emotion to go out there and win. It could be but basically we just didn't come up and do what we were supposed to do and that was about it.

On the team:

You are trying so hard to where you are putting yourself behind a little further. Sometimes it's like that but you have to give the guys an A for effort because they went out there and kept plugging away. We were just putting it behind us and trying to make something out of it.

On the Giants defense:

They just came and played hard and tried to put a lot of pressure on us and that can cause you to kind of not be able to do what you want to do.

Cornelius Griffin

I think we are still in it and still have a chance. We have a good team here and I hope today doesn't decide if we are in or out of the playoffs.

We are better than that. We are a lot better than that.

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