Q&A with: Patrick Ramsey

Patrick Ramsey hasn't thrown a pass yet for the Redskins. Not even during his first practice Friday morning. Instead, he handed off a few times during some drills and watched as the other three quartebacks tossed it to the receivers. But that didn't stop him from having something to talk about.

Q: What were your early impressions?

A: They're a little bit faster, but that was to be expected and that's what everyone says. I'm trying to watch every play and adjust to it. But the speed of the game is what's different.

Q: How anxious are you to start throwing?

A: I'm anxious. Once I know better what I'm doing, I'll be very anxious to get on the field and throw it around a little bit.

Q: What do you think of the playbook?

A: It's quite large. At the same time a lot of it is understandable. They all feed off one another. Once you understand the foundation of what the coach has going, you can grasp onto it pretty quickly.

Q: Is that why he didn't let you throw this morning?

A: He didn't say anything. He just said, 'We'll get you in there more this afternoon.'

Q: How much help is it to have Danny Wuerffel around?

A: It's great. I just ate lunch with Danny and he was helping me out, asking me if I had any questions, anything I'd like to know. It's great to have guys like that who are willing to help.

Q: What did you think as you walked onto the field for the first time?

A: I walked out there and said, 'Here I go. Here is what I've been working for since I started playing football.' It was more than worth the journey. Even the guys you see so much, like Stephen Davis and Bruce Smith. I was able to talk to both of them and both were nice guys.

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