Spurrier answers QB questions

Steve Spurrier said it at least three different times. The Redskins would not sign another quarterback. Not even Shane Matthews. Then, after watching minicamp, they went and signed him. Here's why.

Q: Sunday you seemed content with what you had so did it just take Sunday night to sleep on it? A: Yeah, it did. A little bit. And just talking to our coaches and our personnel people. They actually have been pushing me to go for him for a while now and I basically said let's see how this group looks. Even got a letter or two from some fans that we need to go get Shane Matthews, they said don't worry about that he's from Florida or whatever they'll criticize you if you do or don't bring him in so. . . We truly felt that he was the best guy we could sign to help our team and with the chance to be the starter. So that's where we are right now and he'll be here sometime next week and he'll definitely be here on May 13 for our coaching sessions.

Q: Was it something that was said to you or what you saw on the field that changed your mind?

A; No just overall how you feel, and you all know that things change daily, rapidly. You're here with one team one time then your back with another team. As most people know, we sort of had a trade, didn't have a trade, whatever. Some things happened and it didn't work out but after our minicamp we just decided to go in another direction.

After talking about our quarterback situation, he was available and rather then him getting snatched up by another team we decided to sign him. We felt like he was valuable to strengthen our team and was valuable to the Washington Redskins.

Q: Coach, where would you say he fits in on the depth chart?

A: OK, right now, Sage Rosenfels is probably listed at the top, mainly because he was here last year. Again, if Patrick Ramsey comes around very quickly he'll have a chance to compete also but as you know it's hard to come in as a rookie and make an impact. It's hard to say where Danny and Shane would be and they have been in our system. But our system is always changing and it has changed quite a bit since the early 90s and even the mid-90s. We run a play out on the field and I'll tell Danny we have run that play when he was here because of this reason or that reason. We're always adding new things to our system. Again Sage was here last here and if he is our best quarterback he'll be the starter.

Q: Any thoughts on why Shane's career hasn't developed?

A: He's been a little injury prone, I was talking to him before I was coaching the Redskins and I told him that he needed to work out more in the offseason, he hasn't been real diligent in the weight room and things of that nature. And he told me this offseason he took my advice and has been working out harder, like three times a week and he's up to 215 or so after being a 200 guy and he's about 6-3.

If he can get himself in tip top shape he'll be OK. Why hasn't he made it? Tell me a guy who's really made it over a long period of time? It's hard to do. How has he hung around nine or ten years. I heard somebody say survival is what you shoot for in the NFL. NFL stands for Not For Long. I see all these athletes come into our mini camp and I say gosh we gotta cut half these guys.

Q: Do you envision Shane and Danny being on the roster at the same time?

A: I envision letting these four quarterbacks compete, obviously our exhibition season will be very important to the quarterbacks and the wide receivers. We sort of wide open at receiver as well. We got some guys that played at Florida who may not make this team. I don't look at them from where they come, a lot of people think I do but I don't. All these players from Florida were inexpensive and available and we're giving them a look.

Q: Will you name a starter prior to training camp?

A: No, that's impossible, we need the exhibition season to see. We can't do that, we need to let them play in real games. We'll let them play through. Sage, Danny and Shane, one of those three will not make it. Patrick will be here. We'll see how he develops.

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