Keim Time: Is Gibbs Complaining Too Much?

Yes, the Redskins were victimized by questionable, controversial and in, some cases, bad calls. But I wish Joe Gibbs would stop blaming so many things on the refs.

... I prefer the players' attitudes: they say they think certain calls were bad and they leave it at that. Then they'll point out all the bad plays they made.

Gibbs has a strong case on a few plays. The two-point conversion would have been hard to overturn regardless of how it had been called. But the offsides' penalty? There was no doubt about that one. If you listen to Gibbs enough, every close call that goes their way is correct; every one that goes against them isn't.

If I'm a fan, I complain about those calls, too. I'd have screamed at the TV, thrown my remote and kicked a pillow. Ask my wife (especially if my Buckeyes lose Saturday). I also recognize that the Redskins had a chance to run out the clock and didn't. And they turned it over too many times. And they couldn't put any pressure on Chris Simms.

In close games, every call, and most certainly every play, matters. In Gibbs' first run, he had the players who could overcome all situations, including bad calls. That's what makes the difference. If the Redskins had a pass rusher, nobody's complaining about any calls.

And be honest: if a coach from another team, say the Cowboys, complained about calls all the time, how would you react? I have a ton of respect for Gibbs; who doesn't? Maybe that's why I wish he'd just say, ''Yes, there were some calls we didn't like, but there were many plays we didn't like, either. Next question.''

...End Phillip Daniels said Tampa QB Chris Simms would stop in mid-cadence to see if the Redskins would tip their hands on a blitz. Sometimes they would; and they'd go to a deep pass.

...Reason No. 1001 why I like this job: I like talking to pro athletes who remain fans. Talked to LaVar Arrington for 10 minutes today and one thing he talked about was his post-retirement plans. They involve tailgating for a few days at State College before, and after, Penn State games and then riding his RV down to Washington for a Redskins game. The guy likes being a fan and it's enjoyable to interview players like him.

...I still think the Redskins are a nine win team. But the turnovers and inability to apply pressure limit them.

...Mike Sellers has grown up a lot since his first go-round in Washington. He's much looser and loves to joke around, constantly disrupting interviews or walking up behind unsuspecting employees and shouting, ''Boo!'' Never thought I'd consider him a core player, but that's what he's becoming.

...Gregg Williams has a healthy ego -- then again, every coach should -- but give him credit for this: after two of the toughest losses, the debacle in New York and Sunday, he's answered questions after the game. He typically does not always talk after wins (though he has a paid gig with Comcast). Williams only talks once a week.

...Shawn Springs is not having the same kind of year he did last year, when he made so many plays. He has no sacks and no interceptions. He's missed more tackles than last year, it seems. He's still a good player, just not having the same kind of year.

...Here's how funny a mix it can in the locker room. Jon Jansen's locker is filled with pictures of people giving the bird, including several of himself. Two stalls down Taylor Jacobs has notes from his pastor posted to his locker.

...I really wish Jacobs could play. He's a nice kid, cares and works hard.

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