Redskins Notes: Team Works Out A. Brown

Redskins Park Notes 11.23.05--Antonio Brown visits Redskins Park; Brunell says this week is "must win".

...The Redskins worked out one of their former receivers Antonio Brown today, along with three other wideouts: Taco Wallace (Kansas State), Carl Kearney (Georgia Southern) and Willie Quinnie (Alabama-Birmingham). Brown would serve mostly as a returner if re-signed.

...I don't know if Jimmy Farris will play a lot, but he's a good guy to have on the roster. The kid loves football, something you can't say about all the players. And he should be a help on special teams.

...Defensive tackle Joe Salave'a continues to get treatment on his foot for plantar faciitis. Salave'a had a cortisone shot two weeks ago. But it hasn't helped much: Salave'a is playing in pain and still limps noticeably after games.

...Linebacker LaVar Arrington does a mean Marty Schottenheimer impression, down to how he holds his finger when speaking and tilts his head. No tears, however. But Arrington liked playing for Schottenheimer. Actually, by the end of that season, most players did.

...Troubling stat: The Redskins are on pace for 42 sacks this season, which would give them 80 in Joe Gibbs' first two years. That's one less than they surrendered in Steve Spurrier's two years. Remember how much the blocking scheme was criticized? And how much Kim Helton was knocked? Don't get me wrong: Gibbs and Joe Bugel are a better combination. But they haven't fixed the problems.

...Mark Brunell on Sunday's game: ''We're at a critical part of the season. I would call it a must-win for us to keep our hopes alive. It's been done before.''

...With James Thrash out, the Redskins likely will use many two tight-end sets, with Chris Cooley and Robert Royal. Boy, do they need Taylor Jacobs to have a good game.

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