Fans' Turn: Derrick Dockery

Washington Redskins guard Derrick Dockery answers questions posted on our CPND Redskins Addiction message board.

Rthomas77: What defensive tackle has been the toughest to handle?
Probably La'Roi Glover because of his tenacity. He comes every play so you know he won't take a play off.

EgySkin: What's a typical diet for you?
Dockery: It depends whether I'm underweight or overweight. I'll have breakfast here every morning, probably oatmeal and eggs and bacon. Lunch, depends on what they have, maybe peanut butter and jelly, fruit, chicken. At dinner, probably pasta, chicken, fish, salad, vegetables. Stuff like that.

Emonroe726: Which offensive lineman has provided you the most help?
Dockery: All have provided help. All have given great insight. Randy Thomas has helped a lot, Chris Samuels, Jon Jansen, Ray Brown. Whenever I might need to talk to someone, they're here and they encourage me not to get down on myself.

Newshog: What do you like to do outside of football?
Dockery: Before I was married, I'd go home and chill, relax and play video games, watch TV. I like to read the bible a lot. Now I'm married and just hang out with my wife and chill. We've cut the video games short.

Newshog: What's your ideal home cooked meal?
Dockery: I'd say when I'm back home in Texas, probably barbecue ribs, macaroni and cheese, green beans and potato salad.

Newshog: Is it hard to imagine a guy like Joe Bugel still this intense at this age?
Dockery: No. He loves the game. If you have a love for something, you'll be passionate about it. Like he said today, it's his hobby. I can still see it.

Bosscoach: What will it take for you to become a Pro Bowl offensive lineman?
Dockery: Consistency, in my efforts, doing things my coaches coach me to do. Just working hard and staying hungry.

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