Keim Time: Giving Thanks

Keim Time: Our Redskins beat reporter thanks the troops, the wife, and the fans.

  1. For the troops overseas. I don't have their courage; I'm not sure how many do. But I support the heck out of them and admire everything they do. I'm well aware that they face more dangers in one day than most do in a lifetime. Imagine waking up every morning what lurks around the corner. All I have to worry about is if a player is going to talk to me on that particular day. They wonder if someone's going to try and blow them up. So thanks to anyone in the military.
  1. For my family. You can't be a sportswriter without a supportive wife. It's not an easy gig because of the odd, and sometimes long, hours. My wife is the best because she understands. And we have three healthy boys. On tough days, that's all I try to keep in mind. Plus my family back in Cleveland, whom the snow storm prevented me from seeing. Those of you who get to go to games with your parents or your siblings, make sure you enjoy it. As a sportswriter, the chances to do those things diminish and are missed.
  1. For Redskins fans. I'm not just being a suck-up. Without fans who are deeply interested in the Redskins, my job would not be as fun. It's rare when a Redskins beat writer goes to a function that you're not quizzed about the team. I can't imagine, say, a Cardinals reporter getting the same interest. I'm glad that I cover a team that still commands such passion despite a decade of mediocrity, at best. I don't know what team has the best fans, but I do know Washington has good ones.
  1. For the number of good guys in the Redskins' locker room. With all the talk about pro athletes these days, it's nice to deal with a bunch of good guys. Or at least easy guys to deal with. Clinton Portis might only talk twice a week, but he's always great when he does. Even Sean Taylor is coming around, talking every so often. I've done this too long to really care whether he does or doesn't talk, but it's nice to see him becoming more comfortable. Every year the writers give out the B.J. Blanchard Good Guy Award for the player who best cooperates with the media and it will be a tough contest. Both the defensive and offensive lines have a bunch of class guys to deal with. LaVar Arrington; Ryan Clark; Marcus Washington; the list goes on and on.
  1. For a playoff race. OK, this one is starting to look questionable. But I've covered this team since 1994 and have attended few big games in December. Trust me, that's not fun. Good writers like good stories and the Redskins have been a repetitive one. When it's late December and the Redskins are out of the playoff chase, it feels as if you're watching an exhibition game. And I hate exhibition games. Give us a game that matters, please.

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