Off the beaten path with: Brett Conway

The Redskins kicker tells it all: Why he wants to be like "Big Daddy", how Marty once told him to 'hit the uprights' and the secret behind Darrell Green's longevity.

What would you have for your last meal? My grandma's spaghetti.


What one material possession would you re-enter a burning house to save? My Harley.


What famous woman would you like to date (assuming you got everybody's necessary permission)? Elizabeth Hurley.


What's your favorite crayon in the box? Green.


Would instrument would you play in a video? Guitar.


Would you rather be president of the United States or commissioner of the NFL? President. He's the most powerful person in the world.


Cats or dogs? Dogs.


If you could make Dan "Big Daddy" Wilkinson eat one thing, what would it be? Dirt.


What player in the NFL would you like to be besides yourself? Big Daddy.


How much money would you win on "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?" I'm pretty good. I'm kind of the Cliff Clavin of useless trivia. I think I'd be in the six figures.


If the entire team were on "Survivor", who would win? Bryan Barker and myself. We are the wittiest on the team, I believe, and we have a certain calmness about us that would help us through the situations. And we could eat dirt.


Who's the best singer on the team? Darnerien McCants.


What's the title for a book about your career? "Staying Healthy."


M&Ms: Plain or peanut? Peanut.


Alaska or Hawaii? Hawaii.


Something about you few people know? I like fine dining. I'm into wines.


Favorite D.C. tourist attraction? The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is impressive.


What's the real secret to Darrell Green's eternal youth? He's really not 41. He started his NFL career at 18.

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