Keim Time: Rogers is Ready to Roll

Will the Redskins look to shake up their front office? John Keim tells you why they just might.

...The talk about improving the front office will grow louder if the Redskins keep losing. It'll be deserved. Just take a look at this stat: New England has started 43 different players this season. But the Patriots are 6-5 and will probably make the playoffs. It helps that the AFC East is down this season. What helps even more is that New England has the depth to withstand the injuries. They started 42 different players two years ago and won the Super Bowl.

That's why it's important to mix the draft with free agency. The Redskins have been largely one-dimensional when it comes to their offseasons. When that happens, you overspend for too many guys (Clinton Portis) which leaves holes in other areas.

Their past four drafts have yielded only five starters: Robert Royal, Derrick Dockery, Taylor Jacobs, Sean Taylor and Carlos Rogers. That's a pretty small number. Royal is an average player; Dockery is inconsistent; Jacobs is starting because of injuries. At least the latter two have loads of potential.

It bears repeating: When Gibbs was in Washington the first time, the organization was considered one of the best. Can anyone say that's true anymore?

...The more I see of Rogers, the more I like. I don't know how many times I can write that, but I really like the kid. He's so decisive and that will sometimes get him in trouble, but more often than not it'll result in positive plays for the Redskins. He has such good makeup speed and is physical enough to take on lead blockers. How many corners can say that?

...We're still hearing that Patrick Ramsey won't fetch more than a sixth-round pick this offseason. That's what we heard when he first got benched and there's no reason to think it would have changed.

...Thank goodness Matt Millen doesn't work in Washington. He's a good guy but, man, what a track record he has. Somehow, he's still employed. But that reminds me of a story when Dan Snyder first bought the Redskins. Millen was in town for a Monday night game (when he still worked on radio) and met Snyder in the bowels of the stadium. He referred to him as ''Dan''. When Snyder said, ''I like to be called Mr. Snyder,'' Millen, as he walked away, said, ''That's great, Dan.''

...FedEx has been a better atmosphere this season, but could someone please tell me why fans pay money to go to a game then sit in a lounge and watch it on TV? Fans are there to add to the home field advantage. Exactly how do you help sitting in a bar? And if you can't stand the weather, stay home. Take it from someone who sat through loads of bad weather in Cleveland Stadium.

...Casey Rabach did do a decent job against Jamal Williams much of the game Sunday, though Williams said he was being held all game. But Rabach has largely been mediocre at center.

...It was good to see Taylor Jacobs have a decent game. He's definitely the kind of player who needs to build momentum. That could result in a few big plays down the road, though it's bothersome that his toe still hurts.

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