Gibbs Holds Vets-Only Meeting

As usual, we won't know if this will work until after the game on Sunday, but it sure can't hurt.


If the Redskins win it'll be hailed as a pivotal move. If they lose, it'll quickly be forgotten.

But one day after Ray Brown addressed the players, coach Joe Gibbs called two dozen veterans into a meeting. He wanted players who had been around five years or longer and wanted to make sure there were no problems after three straight heartbreaking losses.

Gibbs has done this occasionally in the past.

''I'm looking for any kind of feedback,'' Gibbs said. ''Tell me anything. No one is going to get mad. I'll take anything. It's an open forum for them. I look at this as their team. If there are some issues that I need to hear, this is the place [to discuss them].''

One veteran said the meeting lasted about 10 minutes and few players, if any, felt the need to vent. And when asked if he thought the meeting would be beneficial, corner Shawn Springs said, ''Ask me at 5 o'clock Sunday.'' OK, he forgot it was a later kickoff, but the point was this: nobody will know the benefits until after the game.

That doesn't mean players felt it was a waste of time.

‘'We understand . . . it starts with the older guys,'' quarterback Mark Brunell said. ''Those [meetings] can be very timely.''

Brown's speech to the team might have meant even more, coming right after the game Sunday.

‘'I sensed that was a moment I needed to stand up,'' Brown said. ''We have to [ask] what's wrong with our team? I needed to say something and I said it. It's from the heart."

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