Redskins Notebook-Jansen's Thumb Slow to Heal

Redskins Notebook 12.06.05--Joe Bugel has high praise for guard Randy Thomas.

....Right tackle Jon Jansen underwent further tests today on his right thumb, trying to figure out why it hasn't healed like the left one did. Jansen hurt his thumb in the season opener only a few days after injuring the other. But it's still giving him problems and he needs a pain-killing shot every week to be able to play. Without it, he said, he couldn't play.

...Meanwhile, right guard Randy Thomas is having perhaps his best season. He worked a lot on his footwork and balance in the offseason and it shows now, especially when he pulls. Here's what Joe Bugel had to say when asked what kind of season Thomas was having:

''The best. If people are good students of the game, he may be in the top two or three guards in the league. He's one of the best guards I've ever coached and I've coached some very good guards, some guys who will be Hall of Famers. This guy's a rare bird. He loves to play. He made the statement to me before a game, he walks up and says, ‘How many people do you think are here'? I said, ‘90 or 92 [thousand].' He says, ‘They all came here to see me.' He's got that thing, he's an entertainer. He doesn't hold people. He doesn't have penalties. I'll tell you what, he's a shut down guard. He's the best puller I've ever had. He's a smooth runner. He can run real fast, but he's real tenacious inside. If he's not an All Pro then there's something wrong.''

...Ballots for the Quarterback Club Redskin Player of the Year went out today. On the list: Mark Brunell, Santana Moss, Marcus Washington and Sean Taylor. The latter is a curious pick. He has been OK, but has not had the impact one would hope and certainly has not made many big plays. I'd much rather have had Lemar Marshall on the list and Cornelius Griffin (though his injuries had to play a role). Both have had better seasons than Taylor.

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