Fans' Turn: LaVar Arrington

The Redskins linebacker answers questions from Redskins fans on our CPND Redskins Addiction message board.

RUSknfan: Would you like more chances to rush the quarterback?
Arrington: Sure. [Laughs].

Aryllyian: Late in the game, would you rather sit back and do your assignment to prevent a game-breaking play or would you rather risk it for the game-breaking sack?
Arrington: It depends. It's not a guarantee you'll get a game-breaking sack and it's not a guarantee you'll stay back and prevent them from scoring. Pick your poison.

Newshog: What's your favorite home-cooked meal?
Arrington Curry goat. That's my favorite.

Newshog: What one book has had the most impact on you?
Arrington: A Lesson Before Dying. I liked that book. I read it two or three years ago.

Amudgarden: What's the fastest you've run the 40?
Arrington:A 4.39, my junior year in high school at Penn State camp.

Jake56: How would you rate your play? Has this been your hardest season because of the injuries and do you anticipate coming back stronger and better?
Arrington: I'll definitely be better next year than this year. But far as football wise it's probably been my best season. I understand the game a lot more. I'm where I need to be even though it doesn't show up in the sack column or in interceptions. But the things I'm doing are helping dictate what's going on. Once I go through an offseason with my legs recovering rather than rehabbing those are plays I'll make.

Dustoff22: Would you ever like to play middle linebacker?
Arrington: It's possible.

Jeremybozz: Compare Joe Paterno to Joe Gibbs.
Arrington: Ask me that when I'm retired.

Heatsky: Do you have any good luck superstitions?
Arrington: No. I'm not superstitious.

Jsagan52: What do the Redskins need to be a Super Bowl contender?
Arrington: The biggest thing we need is consistency. It's not that we've had a lack of talent as players or coaches. It's, can we keep people around for more than one year and then you have an opportunity to be successful. Keep things in place. Don't change so much trying to find a winning ingredient. They say spicy food usually tastes better the next day because it has an opportunity to settle in and it tastes better as leftovers. Sometimes it might not seem as good if you put everything in there even though it's right. It's just not good at first. But you've got to give it time.

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