Williams: "The Redskins Will Show Up"

Redskins Park Notes 12.15.05--Gregg Williams has been through having an injured team before, so the fact that his top three corners didn't practice Thursday was of no particular concern to him.

...The status of the Redskins' corners hasn't changed. But it would be nice if they would get on the field to practice. Once again, none of the top three corners participated in practice. And, once again, only Walt Harris was even on the field.

But end Renaldo Wynn, who was supposed to only have a day of rest Wednesday, did not practice again today.

However, everyone is still listed as probable on the depth chart. Perhaps all three corners will play; if not, it's a bit of gamesmanship going on. And it's hard to believe that Dallas has only one injured player (defensive end Chris Canty) on the injury report. Guess the Cowboys are doing the same thing. Brings back memories, huh?

And don't ask Gregg Williams about the injuries: ''The Redskins will show up,'' he'll say. Actually, it's what he did say. One thing about Williams: he never spends much time worrying about injuries. It's why his defense has overcome them the past two seasons.

...If only there was a game today: the four fields were covered in snow, with a mini snowplow needed to clean the turf field. It was snowing during the first part of practice and, to be honest, it looked pretty darned cool. It wasn't that cold, either.

As the quarterbacks headed towards the locker room to do some work before returning to the field, Mark Brunell said jokingly, ''We quit. We don't do this. It's not in our contract.''

When the players come off the field on cold days, they inevitably chide the media for hiding out in the warmth of the building. Hey, we're not allowed to watch more than a half-hour! But, truth be told, on many days that's not a bad thing. Besides, it gives us an excuse on these days.

...But the Redskins, at least with Joe Gibbs in charge, will never have a bubble. Gibbs is adamantly against it, though most players would like one -- especially Ryan Clark.

...Jon Jansen dressed in short sleeves today, but kicker John Hall topped him. He wore shorts, but he did have long sleeves.

...A big topic this week has been the trick plays Dallas likes to run. The Cowboys, and Bill Parcells in particular, are good for one trick play in every big game. At least that's how it seems. But knowing it and stopping it are two different things. The Redskins have known this for a long time and it hasn't always helped.

...Former Redskin tackle Ed Simmons visited the facility today. He was always one of the grouchier players to cover. Very moody. He didn't always like to talk to the media, but made a concerted effort one year to do so. Why? Because he felt it would help his Pro Bowl chances. The new Ed lasted about three weeks doing this. Some guys just aren't comfortable in that role. Can't blame them.

...One offensive player said his vote for offensive MVP would be quarterback Mark Brunell. Why? Because of the decisions he's made and because of the dropoff between he and his backups. It's hard to give an MVP to a receiver, as valuable as Santana Moss has been. And, in this player's eyes, Ladell Betts and Rock Cartwright would do an adequate job if Clinton Portis couldn't play.

...Speaking of Portis, the coaches say he's become a more complete, and knowledgeable, player this year. Last year he ran on talent; this year he has studied the offense a lot more and understands the blocking schemes and has become a more patient runner. Portis also contributes in so many little ways, like blocking, that he's become more valuable. His numbers might not be dramatically better, but he is an improved runner.

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