Redskins Park Notes: Both Teams Hurting

Redskins Park Notes 12.22.05--The Redskins and the Giants will be monitoring the status of some of their starting players right up until game time on Saturday.

...Linebacker LaVar Arrington is listed as questionable and did practice today. But even if he is active Saturday, there's no guarantee he'll start. Meanwhile, corner Carlos Rogers (biceps) did not practice again and continues to be questionable for the Giants' game. Rogers' run support would be helpful in this game, but the other corners do a good job in this area as well.

...Receiver James Thrash likely will play. His presence will be a huge help. The Redskins can't count on Taylor Jacobs to run the right routes, it appears. But Thrash runs precise routes, allowing the quarterbacks to have trust in him. That can't be underestimated.

...The Giants could be without as many as five starters for Saturday, including two linebackers and two offensive linemen. In December, if two teams are fairly close, then give the edge to the healthier team. Then again, after losing Randy Thomas, it's debatable whether or not the Redskins are that much healthier.

...Some Redskins wondered why they didn't fare better in the fan voting for the Pro Bowl, considering they play for a team with a supposed large following (their words). That said, most guys see the Pro Bowl for what it is: a popularity contest. They see it as a mix of respect and a chance to earn a bonus. When Gregg Williams was asked what he thought of the Pro Bowl snub, he said, ''We weren't good enough.'' Trust us, that's the message he delivered to his players. In essence, he told them, ''If you want to make it there, play better.'' He's spent the week telling them they haven't impressed enough people. And don't worry about them getting big heads after the Dallas win. Williams has the first Giants' game as the antidote to any swelled egos.

...Running back Clinton Portis did it again, showing up as Inspector Two Two, wearing a leather helmet with blond pigtails on top and glasses. He knows how to keep it loose.

...It's hard to tell a difference between this week and other weeks for the Redskins, which is a good thing. Says they're approaching these games on an even keel. But what you do feel is a strong sense of urgency mixed with confidence.

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