Fans' Turn: Shawn Springs

Fans' Turn: Cornerback Shawn Springs answers questions from fans on our CPND Redskins Addiction board.

Amudgarden: Compare Mike Holmgren to Joe Gibbs
Springs: Coach Gibbs is a little more mild-mannered, but both are very good coaches.

DexterManley72: What separates good teams from great teams?
Springs: Technique, execution under pressure. But the biggest thing is if key players get hurt.

Jeremybozz: Who are the three best wideouts you've covered?
Springs: Jimmy Smith, Chad Johnson and Randy Moss

JerseySkinsfan: How good can Carlos Rogers become?
Springs: A Pro Bowl player. He has confidence, toughness and ability.
Emonroe726: Which is better, the horseshoe of OSU or the current atomosphere of Fed-ex Field?
Springs: The 'Shoe

Crisbob: How much could playing safety prolong your career?
Springs: By four years
Newshog: What's your favorite part of a Gregg Williams defense?
Springs: When I blitz.

LarryCenters37: How much of a motivating factor will you guys use the 36-0 defeat from earlier this year against the Giants? (Obviously, asked before the Giants game)
Springs: I think we'll use more of the fact that we've got to win to get in the playoffs more so than the 36-nothing game.

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