Redskins Park Notes: Coach Clinton?

Redskins Park Notes 01.05.06--Shawn Springs will be a gametime decision, but the Redskins remain a confident group

Redskins Notes


...Running back Clinton Portis didn't want to do it. But his teammates made sure he did, wanting to keep a good thing going.

So . . .

Today, he was coach Janky Spanky complete with fake headset, a white cap turned backwards, black coaches shorts pulled up high and stuffed shirt to make it look like a gut.

Turns out Spanky wanted Gregg Williams' job, had the assistant head coach/defense bolted.

''Gregg Williams got a lot of zeroes,'' he said. ''I would have done it for $100,000.''

Portis cracked up the media by diagramming how many zeroes Williams got on his clipboard. Later, when asked why Joe Gibbs said if Portis ran the team, they would practice in underwear, he wrote on the paper: ''No contact.''

''Most men don't want to touch each other in their underwear,'' he said.

But he turned serious about the playoffs when asked about the Super Bowl.

''Why not us?'' he said. ''Somebody's got to win, why not let it be us?''

...For the third straight day, there's nothing new on Shawn Springs' groin injury. But it appears it'll come down to a gametime decision as to whether or not he'll play. Springs said even he doesn't know, though he admitted he wouldn't say if he did. Springs played two games with the injury, but aggravated it this past weekend against Philadelphia.

But the good news is that rookie corner Carlos Rogers has looked good in practice, by all accounts. Walt Harris is fine, too.

...End Renaldo Wynn (foot) practiced.

...In many ways, the Redskins are as healthy as they've been in a long time. And one thing to keep in mind from the first meeting: Sean Taylor and Cornelius Griffin did not play. Griffin is as good as anyone on this defense and Taylor has been making plays. His speed in the secondary will help prevent some of the over-the-top throws Tampa completed in the first game. There's a lot to like about Pierson Prioleau, but speed isn't one of them and that was obvious in that game. By no means was he to blame because the corners had poor days too, but Taylor's speed compensates for many sins. It's rare.

...People like to know how a team is in preparing for a game this big. Here's how the Redskins are: no different from the past five weeks. And that's a good thing. They're not walking around full of themselves because they won five straight and made the playoffs. Rather, they feel validated and their confidence has only increased.

But they were confident even at 5-6. On other Redskins teams, players would have started pointing fingers at that moment. This group didn't come close to doing that. They were more confused about what was going on, but point fingers or lose confidence? Not a chance.

When you're around this group, the confidence is obvious. And it's not in what they say, it's how they act and how they move around.

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