Q&A With Renaldo Wynn

The Redskins injured defensive end knows that his on-field contriutions have ended for the year, but he hopes to be able to help the team continue in the playoffs.

Audio of Renaldo Wynn Q&A

Q&A With: Renaldo Wynn
His right arm was in a sling, hidden beneath a gray zip-up sweatshirt. End Renaldo Wynn has accepted his fate and is trying to do anything possible to still help the Redskins win.

Q: How did this happen?
A: I was just coming around [the end], rushing the quarterback. Phil was doing the same thing on the other side. It just happened so fast. My hand just got jammed in an awkward spot. That's where the break took place. I knew as soon as it happened that it was definitely broken. I tried to get back into the locker room as soon as possible to get the swelling and pain under control.

Q: How disappointed are you?
A: To be honest, I was never disappointed because I know this is part of the game. Injuries do happen. My first thought was that my wife, daughter and mom are in the stands. I just wanted to make sure they were OK because they are definitely sensitive when anything happens like that. I was mostly worried about them. I wasn't so much worried about myself because I know that we have the best doctors on the field. My main thing was just wanting to get back into the locker room to get the pain and swelling under control as soon as possible.

Q: Can you continue to be a leader?
A: I think so. I can help a lot of the guys stepping in who will have a bigger role, Demetric, Nic, Nick McNeil, who just got activated and has a lot of work to do. Wherever I can do it – in the meeting room, behind the scenes – I'm definitely here.

Q: Are you going to Seattle?
A: I plan on it. If everything goes OK with the arm I plan on going.

Q: How frustrating is it to have worked so hard to be in this position and then not be able to play?
A: Like I said, I'm staying positive. It's an opportunity for someone else to step in. You never know. You play this game hard and leave it on the field. You don't think about getting hurt. If it happens, it's just something that happens. I've played this game for a long time; it's something that just happened. It was meant to be. You have to continue to go forth and hold your head up high. That's what I'm going to do. Whatever way I can be part of the team – whether with morale, leadership, or helping guys behind the scenes – then I'm going to do that.

Q: Have you talked with Demetric?
A: We have a close-knit group of guys on the defensive line anyway. Those guys definitely want me to continue to be part of the defensive line in whatever way I can. They hope that I travel as well. They know that, at the same time, I have to take care of what is most important. I'm definitely planning on making the trip, but I have to be wise and take care of this arm first.

Q: Were you able to watch the end of the Bucs' game?
A: I was in the locker room. It was kind of tough because I was trying to get the pain under control. At the same time, I was out of it a little bit once I did get the medicines that were needed. But I was definitely into the game, looking at it on TV and trying to stay in-tune to what was going on. The good thing about it is, with the way Gregg Williams and our coaches prepare us, they always say that everyone is a starter. I think that's a great attitude because you never know when your number is going to be called. That goes for anyone. I know it's not going to be a problem for Demetric because he has been in this position. I don't think he's going to miss a beat.

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