Redskins Park Notes: Portis as Portis

Redskins Park Notes 01.11.06--In actual football news, Portis says his shoulders are fine.

...Clinton Portis received a letter from a female fan with a request: no costumes this week. And he obeyed the wish, showing up in a gray sweatshirt and knit cap, the same outfit he had on when he exited the practice field.

But Portis said the decision not to dress up had nothing to do with the letter.

"Just so that there is no superstition,'' he said. ''Week in and week out, I think everyone was looking forward to it. To come out and hopefully get a win [after] being myself, that will take the pressure off. We don't want to think that the skit is the reason why we've been so successful. I didn't dress up before we played Dallas and we went out and had a spectacular game. We're going to try that again this week."

...Meanwhile, Portis said his shoulders are fine. He suffered a stinger against Tampa Bay, which could cause some problems Saturday if he gets hit in the right (or wrong) spot again. But chances are it would only limit him for a series.

"I'm fine,'' he said. ''I've had the opportunity to relax and get massages throughout the week. Last week was just one of those weeks. I hit it in practice. Last Friday, I ended up getting hit in practice. It just carried over to the game. This week, I was careful during practice. I actually feel good. I'm going to get another massage tonight and one tomorrow before I leave."

...Two reasons why end Phillip Daniels is rushing so well: one, the Redskins haven't blitzed as much of late and his wrist injury from last season is finally healed.

When the Redskins would blitz off the edge, Daniels' job was to attack inside, drawing blockers from the inside. And being healthy is obviously a major bonus for someone who uses his hands every play.

...Redskins assistant head coach for defense Gregg Williams on linebacker Marcus Washington: ''[Given his] month of December, it's easy to see why the NFL recognized him as the NFC Defensive Player of the Month. I joked last weekend that he's working on January, too. Whenever we talk about awards after a ballgame, we almost have to read a paragraph on his statistics and all of the things that he is able to do during the course of a ballgame."

...That's 24 straight days of rain -- and counting -- in Seattle. They're expected to receive another nine straight days of rain. One thing to consider: the Redskins practice in all sorts of weather; the Seahawks have a bubble. Today, it rained at Redskins Park and was cool.

"We've practiced in all kinds of weather,'' Williams said. ''Today, it's almost exactly the weather that we're expecting to have on game day. That's good. [QB] Mark Brunell is a very good quarterback--as he displayed in Denver--at being able to handle wet footballs. From a defensive perspective, you always like playing in the rain and [other such] conditions because it, hopefully, makes it a little bit better for yourself."

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