Will Arrington, Ramsey return?

The mood was better than previous final days, when the players would exit without a playoff berth. This time, their final day at Redskins Park for the 2005 season came with lots of smiles, yet a twinge of disappointment for the opportunity lost in Seattle. But they also exited with two major questions:

Will LaVar Arrington return?

He wants to come back and said Monday that he would be willing to renegotiate his contract. He won't return if he doesn't because he'd count around $12 million against the cap. There's also the matter of what his position coach, Dale Lindsey, thinks of him. Lindsey is high on Lemar Marshall and Marcus Washington largely because of their approach. Both have always been intense studiers; Arrington, until recently, had not been. Despite problems with Lindsey, Arrington wants to stay.

Joe Gibbs did not meet with Arrington today, saying it's a matter that does not need to be resolved immediately.

''I hope they can bring LaVar back,'' Redskins end Renaldo Wynn said. ''A lot of things happened this past year and I hope they don't look at that and then not make a decision to have him back.''

Will Patrick Ramsey return?

Gibbs did meet with Ramsey to discuss the future and will do so again in a couple weeks. It almost sounded as if Gibbs wanted this matter resolved relatively soon. And if Ramsey wants to be traded, Gibbs would accommodate him. He turned down a couple trade requests during the season, however. There should be no rush: Ramsey is still under contract and would not fetch much in a trade.

"I don't know what's going to happen," said Ramsey, benched in the season opener. "I'd like to play obviously. That was my concern when everything took place. If I want to develop as a quarterback and play well, then it needs to start some point soon."

...Both safety Ryan Clark and tight end Robert Royal, the Redskins only unrestricted free agent starters, said they want to return. Neither is expected to be too costly to resign. But one safety, Matt Bowen, could be in trouble considering he'd count $2.4 million against the cap in 2006. It's also the last year of his contract so there's no rush to cut him.

...There's a strong sense from the players that they'd be willing to restructure deals if necessary. One thing to watch is what happens with Chris Samuels, who would count more than $10 million against the cap. He signed a new deal last year, but that's a high cap figure for anyone. Here's the thing: his agent is also Ramsey's agent. Makes you wonder if Jimmy Sexton would be more willing to redo the deal if certain wishes are granted for Ramsey. There's no reason to believe that's the case, but in these matters, you wonder about everything.

...Sounds as if Ray Brown eventually will have a role in this organization. He has talked to Gibbs about doing something; but they're not sure yet what he'll do.

...The Redskins are working on extensions for their assistant coaches.

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