Musgrave Moves On

Redskins quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave, who was hailed as a fresh voice last season, has left to become an assistant coach in Atlanta.

Musgrave served as the quarterbacks coach and had some input into the Redskins' offense, though he was clearly low on the pecking order. And with the addition of Al Saunders as an associate head coach in charge of offense, he would have even less say.

Musgrave also is unlike the other offensive coaches, hailing from the West Coast offense. Saunders and the rest of the staff employ the Don Coryell system.

"We wish Bill Musgrave all the best in his new role with the Falcons organization," said Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs in a statement. "Although it is unfortunate that he departed, we always want what is best for our coaches and their families, which is why we gave Atlanta permission to interview him."

Jack Burns served as the quarterbacks coach in 2004 before Musgrave replaced him. But the quarterbacks did not like working with him. One source -- not a quarterback -- said last season, ''Let's just say the game has passed [Burns] by.'' So it's likely the Redskins would look elsewhere for a quarterbacks coach.

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