Can Redskins Match Steelers' Stability?

The Steelers are the model of stability. Can the Redskins take some lessons from them? Plus we take exeption with a certain SI writer's assertions.

Item: Pittsburgh wins the Super Bowl.

Reaction: It's all about stability. The Steelers have changed their roster much over the years, but the coaching staff has largely been intact thanks to the Rooney family. They stuck with Bill Cowher through a couple down years when other owners might have panicked and made a move. And they were rewarded.

The Redskins, or at least Joe Gibbs, understand what stability means. It's why they have a chance to compete the next few years. But let's hope that philosophy remains long after Gibbs leaves. Not sure that will be the case, but we'll have to wait and see. The Rooney family always has been patient; Dan Snyder hasn't been. But there's no doubt Snyder wants to win and having a stable organization gives a team the best chance to do so.

Item: Peter King rips Snyder for his statement regarding Art Monk failing to get into the Hall of Fame.

Reaction: I don't get it. If King doesn't think Monk belongs in the Hall, that's fine. There are 38 other voters who could still elect Monk and not enough of that group put him on their ballot to even get him into the top 10. But I don't get why King felt the need to rip Snyder in his column on today. If all you ever do is rip someone, then it's often hard to pay attention when you have a good point. And this was a case of not having a good point. I've had my problems with Snyder's ownership, but he's coming off two seasons in which he's been supportive of the coach and ponied up money for assistants. And winning is what matters most. To knock him for sending out a statement saying Monk belongs in the Hall, well, what's wrong with that? I just don't get it.

Item: King picks the Redskins to reach the Super Bowl. Or, at least, has a hunch they'll get there.

Reaction: Not if they don't get better play at quarterback. Before this past season I predicted the Redskins best chance to make the playoffs was to play Mark Brunell. I believed he had something left. Now, I'm not so sure. He looked like a tired quarterback by season's end. And we have no idea how good Jason Campbell is, especially after one season spent on the bench. I like the makeup of this roster, but they need a second wideout and depth in a few places. If they get a good No. 2 receiver, that could make a difference. But right now, there's enough questions to make you pause before making such a bold prediction.

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