Position Analysis: Wide Receivers

Santana Moss proved he was a big-time player, but the Redskins are shopping for help on the other side.

2005 Final Roster  




'06 Contract Status


Santana Moss
WR Starter Signed He started the season as something of a question mark and it quickly became apparent that he deserved an exclamation point. From the two late TD bombs to beat Dallas to the three-touchdown torching of Wil Allen of the Giants, he made big-time plays in big games.

David Patten
WR IR Signed Patten struggled to get into a the offense before a knee injury ended his season after nine games with 22 catches for a 9.9-yard average. That average is a concern for a receiver who is supposed to be a speed guy, especially one that will turn 32 during training camp.

Taylor Jacobs
WR Reserve Signed He seems to be a perfect receiver six days a week. Jacobs always draws praise for practicing and preparing well, but he's a no-show on game days. All of the tools that the coaches and his teammates say he possesses can't get him an inch of separation on Sundays.  

James Thrash
WR Starter Signed You won't find anyone out there who practices or plays harder than James Thrash. His work ethic has allowed him to last for nine NFL seasons with marginal talent. Even if he doesn't catch a pass, he's valuable enough as a special teams performer to warrant a roster spot.

Antonio Brown
WR Reserve Signed If the Redskins can figure out how to harness his speed, he could be a weapon as something in addition to kick returning. He has exhibited an ability to run but one pass pattern--go long. Until then, he's a returner who is a RINO--Receiver In Name Only.

Jimmy Farris
WR Reserve Signed This journeyman was waived in the final cutdown, but was brought back after Patten went down. 

2005 Season Grade: C

Numbers don't always tell the whole story, but they don't lie here. Patten struggled for nine games, missed the last seven, and was still the team's second-leading receiver among wideouts behind Moss. Moss set a team record with 1,482 yards receiving and his impact earns him an individual A+. The rest of the bunch not only flunked the final, but bombed the midterm and claimed that the dog ate their term papers. 

2006 Outlook:

You could make a case that if the Redskins had had a solid #2 wide receiver in the playoffs last year that they, not the Seahawks, would have been representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. It's amazing that Moss accomplished what he did with the mediocre performance of those on the opposite side. Either via free agency or the draft, the Redskins will have a new receiver in 2006, one who will be expected to produce. Patten will stay around either as the third receiver, a role that may better suit his skills, or to start while a younger receiver is brought along. It's likely that Jacobs will get a shot to make the team in camp, but it will take some doing on his part to convince the coaches that the can perform on game day. Brown is a fumble away from getting cut again.

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