AFC Teams Interested in Ramsey

Patrick Ramsey's next address may be in the AFC East while where LaVar Arrington might wind up is anyone's guess.

The Washington Redskins have some unresolved issues at quarterback that may be resolved while the team is at the Indianapolis Combine. 

Veteran Mark Brunell played well enough during the 2005 season to fully warrant an additional season as their signal-caller. Head coach Joe Gibbs is comfortable with Brunell and should end all hopes of Patrick Ramsey taking over the helm in Washington. Ramsey, a strong-armed quarterback has practically begged the organization to trade him, going back to before the 2004 season.

In Indianapolis, the Redskins and Miami Dolphins are expected to add some wood to a simmering fire regarding Ramsey and the immediate opening in Miami. Dolphins' head coach Nick Saban is believed to be extremely interested in the former Tulane quarterback and is looking to replace veteran Gus Frerotte in the starting lineup.

With free agency around the corner, the Redskins have been in organizational discussions the status of outside linebacker LaVar Arrington. Though Arrington is not a free agent, the team has contemplated the notion of releasing the outspoken linebacker to avoid paying a $6.5 million roster bonus that would be due to him in April. If they keep him, they would like to try to renegotiate his deal to reduce that bonus and gain some much-needed cap relief. Releasing Arrington would result in a net charge to the salary cap of nearly half a million dollars.

Over the past week, the discussions have maintained a level balance, with the organization committed to evaluating Arrington's contract situation and his productivity before making a rash decision to cut him, which many in league circles around have anticipated.

A spokesperson for the team would only comment that the team hasn't scheduled any announcements in the near future regarding Arrington.

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