Bullet Dodged--For Now

Restructured contracts were ready for signing and a list of cuts was ready to go to the NFL, but the Redskins didn't have to make the drastic moves that would be necessary to get under the salary cap tonight. Thanks to a three-day extension of the deadline to get under the cap, these moves were delayed and, if a CBA can agreed on, perhaps never made.

The Redskins have drawn up their lists and prepared for this day. Then came the unexpected: a delay. It's one they hope helps them erase the worst-case scenarios from their boards
Teams now have until 6 p.m. Sunday to get in compliance with the salary cap for 2006, also delaying the start of free agency until 12:01 a.m. Monday
For teams such as the Redskins, that's good news because it's doubtful such a move would have been made without the possibility of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. If one is reached, it prevents the Redskins from having to make even more cuts to get under the cap.

The difference is having to make around $20 million in cuts, or by redoing a few contracts, and having to shave $7 million off the payroll.

Mark Brunell and Shawn Springs have redone their deals and coach Joe Gibbs said several others have as well.

''Our guys have stepped up,'' he said.

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