Minicamp report

Who looked good and who's lining up at right guard? For at least a few plays at least. We know all that. We also know the heat was stifling and it's going to get hotter. Such is life in Washington during the summer. Even owner Dan Snyder adjusted for the heat, wearing a T-shirt and black sweatpants, same as minority owner Fred Drasner.

But the Redskins are starting to become a hot team, too. GQ sent out an editorial cartoonist, who plans to do something on the Redskins sometime this summer. On what, we have no idea. But he spent the afternoon talking to reporters about what they look for in practice, etc. And a reporter from Japan, along with a camerawoman, attended the practice, too.

Interest is building. And time is ticking away until the Redskins open camp on July 23.

. . . One one play today, rookie fullback Rock Cartwright, the human fireplug, caught a pass in the right flat and turned upfield, heading for the end zone. After he was finished, tight end Walter Rasby gave defensive back Kato Serwanga a few zingers.

''He would have run you over! They don't call him the rock for nothing!''

. . . Champ Bailey said he and Fred Smoot will be the league's best corner tandem this season. If they are, the Redskins will have a championship-type defense. Nothing gets a Marvin Lewis defense going better than strong corners.

. . . Ross Tucker worked with the first unit at right guard for a few snaps today. But don't read too much into it. Coach Kim Helton likes to work in players, just to give them a different look.

. . . Receiver Cliff Russell should be fun to watch this summer. Russell is exceptionally fast#=we can't imagine anyone on the team being faster. Russell catches balls in tight spots and quickly slices through defenses. His acceleration is phenomenal. One thing he can't do well, however, is catch punts. During a coaching session last week he dropped five punts.

. . . In the quarterback competition: Patrick Ramsey has the best arm by far and he's catching up withis knowledge of the offense; Sage Rosenfels is hot and cold and some days looks bad; Shane Matthews clearly has a grasp of the offense, as does Danny Wuerffel. But neither has stood out. If Steve Spurrier can make this work, he's a true genius.

. . . Otis Leverette lined up with the first unit at right end during one series. Leverette will be interesting to watch. He has the size, long arms and athleticism to be a good end. Whether or not he's learned much will be evident this summer.

. . . Receiver Rod Gardner looked excellent at times today, making one incredible one-handed catch over a defensive back.

. . . Linebacker Jauron Dailey lined up at left end in one series.

John Keim also covers the Redskins for The Journal Newspapers.

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