Redskins Sign Rock, Cut Five

The Redskins made some moves that were widely anticipated today as they worked to get under the league's salary cap. After getting under, they worked to retain some of their own.

They resigned running back Rock Cartwright, who was an unrestricted free agent. Cartwright, drafted in the Redskins in the sixth round in 2002, makes his primary contributions on special teams, although he did rush for a career-high 118 yards against St. Louis last December.

Cartwright is a favorite of coach Joe Gibbs, who is always lavish in his praise for the 5-7, 223 back out of Kansas State.

Cartwright was considered a potential cut victim two years ago. Now he's a core special teams player, which is why the Redskins signed him today, before he could get to free agency.

Cartwright has developed into a special teams leader and a decent backup at running back. Cartwright was responsible for organizing special teams meetings every Friday, something that had not done in the past.

The Redskins released five players, none of them a surprise. It was reported here and elsewhere earlier this week that they would be cut. The released players were:

Player: Walt Harris

The impact: Harris was inconsistent and often allowed way too much cushion. His professionalism will be missed. But the Redskins can easily upgrade this position. A young veteran would be good in this role. 

Player: Matt Bowen

The impact: Bowen was a solid special teams player, but was the No. 4 safety. He started in Gregg Williams? first season here, but a knee injury forced them to look elsewhere. The Redskins can get younger, and cheaper, here.

Player: Cory Raymer

The impact: Minimal. Raymer was no longer an effective center, lacking the athleticism of starter Casey Rabach, and he couldn?t play guard. He?s easily replaceable.

Player: Brandon Noble 

The impact: None. His career is over thanks to knee injuries and infections; he didn?t play this season and the line still played well. He?d make a good coach someday.

Player: Tom Tupa

The impact: None, considering he didn?t punt last year. But they still need competition for inconsistent Derrick Frost. Tupa's consistency would be welcomed, but you have to wonder if his career is over.

They also offered contract tenders to restricted free agents guard Derrick Dockery, cornerback Ade Jimoh and linebacker Chris Clemons. Dockery is tendered at the mid-level, which would entitle the Redskins to a first-round draft pick if they chose not to match an offer from another team. Jimoh and Clemons are in at the low level, which gives the Redskins the right to match an offer but no compensation if they decide not to.

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