Redskins Quick Hitters

The Redskins have a couple of new teams who may have interestin Patrick Ramsey. Also, a look at their plans for John Hall in 2006.

...Tampa Bay and Cincinnati seem to have jumped into the sweepstakes for Patrick Ramsey. It's still doubtful that the Redskins will get anything other than a low draft pick.

...The Redskins re-signed defensive tackle Cedric Killings.

...The Redskins have talked to the agent for free agent middle linebacker Sam Cowart.

...John Hall will return as the placekicker, but it's likely that punter Derrick Frost will handle more of the kickoff chores to save the wear and tear on Hall's oft-injured leg.

...Joe Gibbs to those wondering about the Redskins moves and the cash it costs:

"The thing I want to emphasize is this: We haven't done one thing that anybody else can't do. We have certain rules in the league. Here's the cap, here's the numbers, here's what you can spend, so everybody in the league can do what we're doing, it's just that they choose not to, many of them."

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