Gibbs: "This is an Exciting Day"

The Redskins introduced Andre Carter, the one they didn't let get away.

Andre Carter shook hands with Greg Blache and issued a few words before slipping into his limo.

''It's something I need to do,'' he said.

And that meant he needed to go to Denver.

And that meant Washington needed to sweat it out for a day.

By Monday afternoon, however, Carter knew Washington was the place for him.

He rattled off the reasons why: Joe Gibbs, the organization, the other talent brought in. Left off the list, but always at the top was money.

So, too, was the opportunity to return to right end. He played end his first four seasons in San Francisco, but was moved to outside linebacker in a 3-4 set this past season. Here, he'll play end and, perhaps, rush inside on occasion and line up as a linebacker every so often.

''The Redskins saw me as a defensive end and I saw myself as a defensive end,'' Carter said. ''That's the position I played since the 10th grade, when I started playing football. It's great to be back in the trenches. That's where it all started for me and God willing that's where it will end for me.''

One NFL GM -- who likes what Washington did at receiver -- said of Carter, ''We played them last year and I thought [Carter] had good pass rush skills, but we shut him out one-on-one. He's an upgrade, but he's not an impact player. And he can't play linebacker. He's not a power guy against the run."

But the Redskins say he gives them versatility. It'll be interesting to see how they use their ends. Renaldo Wynn will continue starting at left end, coach Joe Gibbs said. And Phillip Daniels is at right end. However, they love to rotate their ends and they can use a pass-rush set with Daniels at left end, Carter at right end and Wynn inside.

''Renaldo is one of our key guys,'' Gibbs said.

Carter is now, too. He's improved his flexibility and hand-eye coordination by becoming a black belt in karate. And the back problems that plagued him two seasons ago have vanished. He said it was the result of a cyst, which has been removed.

He also appears to be a strong character guy, not complaining about his move to linebacker last year.

More than anything, he has a chance -- if used properly -- to give Washington what it has lacked: a consistent pass-rushing lineman.

''He gives us flexibility,'' Gibbs said. ''This is an exciting day.''

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