Ramsey & Redskins--Doomed From the Start?

Ramsey lost backers in organization early.

A few days before the draft four years ago, coach Steve Spurrier didn't think Washington would draft Patrick Ramsey. Nor did owner Dan Snyder. But two people were convinced he was worth a late first-round pick: Joe Mendes and Ron Nay.

They liked Ramsey, his toughness and accuracy and smarts in particular.

But when they were fired later that summer, it left Ramsey without any backers in the organization. Some tried to like his game, like Joe Gibbs. Others never did, evidenced when he was nearly traded during his rookie season while holding out.

Today, the Ramsey era ended when Washington shipped him to New York for a sixth-round pick, a low sum for a guy who nearly was the future of the Redskins. Problem is, he was never The Guy for any of the coaches, even Spurrier. Despite what was written in one paper earlier this week, Spurrier did not push for Ramsey to be drafted. He did not think he had the leadership qualities necessary to win. He was right.

And his value was low for two reasons: he was in the last year of his contract and he hadn't proven himself. Plus, his strengths in college--accuracy and poise in the pocket--were not evident the past two years. It's why nobody -- NOBODY -- I talked to in the past few months ever thought he'd fetch more than this.

Ramsey clearly wasn't the favored son of anyone in the organization and when that's the case, it makes it hard to play through mistakes. That's not to blame anyone for his shortcomings; he had chances. But it is to point out the obvious. He wasn't anyone's guy here and it showed when Gibbs benched him during the season opener.

Another factor: he got beat up behind a suspect line and even more suspect blocking schemes his first two years. It changed him as a quarterback.

Ramsey won a lot of praise for how he handled his situation/benching and it was all deserved. He's a good kid and a classy kid. It was very difficult to criticize him because of it. But I always thought this team would only go as far as Mark Brunell would take them. And it's clear that Jason Campbell is the future.

So Ramsey was expendable. He needed a change of scenery. He got it. Whether or not it works out remains to be seen. And I worry about him being thrust into a game in New York, which has a much tougher press corps and fan base and a weak line, before he's ready. But he deserves to be somewhere he's embraced. Maybe that can happen in New York. It wasn't going to happen here.

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