Clemons Signs, Has a Backer

Chris Clemons is listed as the starter at weak side linebacker and the former occupant of that role think he can keep the job.

Chris Clemons wants to start; the Redskins need a starting weakside linebacker. So it made sense for the two sides to remain together. And, today, Clemons made sure it would stay that way, signing with the club.

It's no guarantee that Clemons will end up starting at weakside linebacker, but, as of now, he's the top option to replace departed linebacker LaVar Arrington. Linebackers coach Dale Lindsey would like to re-sign Warrick Holdman. But, if Holdman does not return, then Clemons would be the top choice to start, despite his inexperience at this position in the NFL.

Clemons has played on the weakside in college, but that was more about athleticism; the NFL is as much about recognition, an area Lindsey said Clemons has greatly improved upon.

Clemons is a good athlete and, at 6-foot-3, 234 pounds, he has good size to play the position.

"I've got a lot of faith that I can do it," Clemons said. "He's trying to get Warrick back, but [Lindsey] has me listed as the starter, but it's only March so I can't get too happy right now. I have to prove myself."

Count Arrington among the believers.

"I groomed him," Arrington said the day he was released. "He's great athletically and he figured out he could play physical, too. He was just finesse early on. With his body type and speed, he could almost steal the show if he gets that opportunity."

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