Redskins Re-Sign LB Holdman

Warrick Holdman, who started seven games at weakside linebacker for the Redskins in 2005, is back. His position coach, Dale Lindsey, had offered his usual frank appraisal of Holdman's '05 performance in an earlier interview.

Warrick Holdman didn't fare well in his first stint as a starting linebacker for the Redskins. Looks like he'll get a second chance.

The Redskins signed Holdman today and he'll most likely take over LaVar Arrington's weakside linebacker position. Holdman started for the first half of last season, but made his share of mistakes and became a bit player once Arrington was healthy, and out of the coaches doghouse.

Holdman gives the Redskins a veteran whom the coaches know well. But he could be pushed by Chris Clemons, who has impressed the coaches with his increased knowledge of the position -- and his athleticism.

Holdman did not play as well as the coaches had hoped last season, making critical mistakes that led to touchdowns at Denver, among other games. He took improper angles and played lackluster, a result, the coaches hope, of not knowing the system.

''I was disappointed because I know he's better than that,'' linebackers coach Dale Lindsey said last month. ''If he does come back, he has to be better than last year. I'm hoping he hasn't lost his confidence. I still think he has a couple good years left in him if he wants to get after it.

''I thought some of the movements and reactions were not necessarily what I had remembered and had seen. Some of that had to with probably an uncertainty in his mind that he had not been there very long and it was a new system. We asked him to do things a different way and that throws everyone off.''

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