Redskins Draft Target--CB Darrell Hunter

One cornerback who has drawn the attention of the Redskins during combines and other scouting events is a Miami product. No, Darrell Hunter isn't from The U, he's from that other Miami, the one in Ohio. He just might be on the Redskins' second-day draft board.

Redskins Draft Target Fact Sheet

Name Darrell Hunter
Position Cornerback
College Miami (Ohio)
Height 6' 0"
Weight 206 Position
#23 @ Defensive Back Rating
's max) Projected 
Draft Round
Informal contacts during
scouting process

Hunter has excellent athletic ability and a surprising degree of polish for a product of the MAC. His major negative points, a preference to try to knock down opposing ball carriers rather than wrapping them up and slow reactions to receivers' moves, are both coachable flaws.

The Redskins are looking to build some depth in their defensive backfield. At corner, they are set with starters Carlos Rogers and Shawn Springs, but there is a decided lack of quality depth behind them.

Darrell Hunter Scouting Report

40: 4.48

Bio: Three-year starter awarded All-Conference honors past two seasons. Senior totals included 41/2/3 after 30/2/4 the prior year.

Pos: Physically gifted prospect with tremendous size/speed numbers. Fluid backpedaling in reverse, smooth flipping his hips and effectively transitions with opponents. Physical, slows receivers with jams and bumps throughout the route. Displays both closing and recovery speed, easily running with opponents anywhere on the field.

Neg: Prefers to knock down rather than wrap up ball handlers. Not instinctive, late reacting to receivers' moves and is slow locating the ball. Quickly leaves his backpedal.

Analysis: Needing to transfer his athletic abilities onto the football field, Hunter must improve in his overall game. Physically grades out as a first-day choice but his playing skills leave a lot to be desired.

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