Arrington in NY, Lloyd in the Fold

Arrington makes the move to New York, Skins sign Holdman, Lloyd; draft approaches.

Item: LaVar Arrington signs with the New York Giants.

Reaction: It's where he wanted to go all along. It's close to home; it's in the NFC East – and he gets to play Washington twice a year – and it's the media capital. If Arrington plays well there, and the Giants win, he'll be a major star and the endorsement potential will increase. It helps that he'll be reunited with Antonio Pierce, who lobbied hard for the ex-Redskin to join him.

There's also some irony involved here: Arrington was close to Sam Huff, who started out in New York and was traded to Washington. To this day, Huff considers himself a Giant first and foremost.

The lone question remaining about Arrington is his health. We started to see his extra burst toward the end of the season, a good sign for him. But will we see it consistently next year? Two times a year, we'll find out.

Item: Brandon Lloyd signs a contract extension.

Reaction: I want to believe he's not the troublemaker he was portrayed to be in San Francisco. But one NFL executive blamed the problems on coach Mike Nolan. We'll give Lloyd a pass and see how he fits in; and defensive coordinators out West didn't like facing him because any ball near him was a potential catch. He does have a tendency to drop some easy balls, but the good thing for him in Washington is that he will be a third or fourth option. That's dangerous.

Item: The Redskins re-sign Warrick Holdman.

Reaction: It's funny; the Redskins did not like the mistakes Arrington made and would pounce on them. But Holdman made similar mistakes and they wanted him back. Go figure. Holdman isn't much of a playmaker, either. But what he provides is insurance if Chris Clemons, or a rookie draft pick, can't play. Because this draft is deep at linebacker, I'd look for the future starter in the second round.

Item: The draft is less than a week away.

Reaction: Washington needs to add depth, something it hasn't always had in recent years. In the Dan Snyder era, the Redskins often had big names to start, giving them some flash, but they lacked substance. Thanks to Joe Gibbs and his staff, they're getting closer to having the necessary depth. The draft is where you often find it, giving teams younger and cheaper alternatives. And because of their approach to free agency, they can afford to draft the best player available.

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