Lloyd Gets Chance to Prove His Worth

Brandon Lloyd is young, talented, and, now, about $29 million richer.

Brandon Lloyd didn't need a contract extension to feel wanted in Washington. Something else, besides the seven-year extension, told him just how much the Redskins wanted him.

''It was the two draft picks,'' Lloyd said today.

That would be the third- and fourth-round picks Washington surrendered for Lloyd. Now the Redskins could have him for a while. If th 24-year-old blossoms, the Redskins will feel as if they stole a talent from the 49ers, considering they gave up mid-round picks.

''We think we have a heck of an athlete,'' Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said. ''He could be playing here a long time.''

Lloyd, who agreed to the extension on Friday, has been working out with the other Redskins in Ashburn since late March. He's also bought a house and moved his family here from the Bay Area. His wife is pregnant and is due in mid-May.

Getting the deal done does give him security -- and motivation. He'll be one of Washington's top three receivers, along with Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle El, and play on the outside.

''Now that the contract is done I want to prove my worth,'' Lloyd said. ''It's good to have part of my move here come to some closure. Now I'm ready to start winning games.''

He'll often prove his worth with acrobatic catches and downfield plays. He was known for both at Illinois and with San Francisco.

''I will do things for the ball that other people won't,'' he said.

Said Gibbs, ''He has a great presence downfield. He has a great knack for long-ball adjustments. He's very gifted and quick and smooth.''

Lloyd got a 7 year deal, worth a total of $29.000m including:

--Base salaries of $0.500m (2006), $0.595m (2007), $0.605m (2008), $3.500m (2009), $4.000m (2010), $4.000m (2011), $4.000m (2012)
--A $5m signing bonus
--$5m option bonus due in 2007 that triggers the seventh year (2012) of the contract (this bonus is protected by guaranteed salaries for 2007-2011 if not exercised)
--$1.8m roster bonus in 2008
--After being exercised, the option year of 2012 can be voided if Lloyd meets certain performance criteria

Cap hits are (excluding workout bonuses):
2006 - $1.500m (less than his RFA tender amount)
2007 - $2.428m
2008 - $4.238m
2009 - $5.333m
2010 - $5.833m
2011 - $4.833m
2012 - $4.835m

Robert Large of WarpathInsiders.com contributed to this report.

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