Potential Draft Losers: Offense

A draft pick is not just an addition to the roster; there is subtraction involved as well. There are 53 spots on an NFL roster. If a team drafts a player at a particular position that means that the coaches and front office think that he has a shot at winning a roster spot. It also means that they think that someone could be replaced. Today, a look at the offensive players who could be pushed onto the roster bubble after this weekend's proceedings.

That means that draft day might not be a very pleasant one for seven or so marginal players on the roster. Such players are always looking over their shoulders and having someone drafted in your position increases the anxiety exponentially. Here's a look at the current offensive depth chart and at who could be pushed even further onto the roster bubble by the end of next Sunday. (Note that there are some 20 "street" free agents also on the roster; they are not listed but will be discussed as appropriate.)


Starters: Mark Brunell
Key Backups: Jason Campbell, Todd Collins

It would be a major upset if the Redskins were to take a quarterback. Casey Bramlet will be in camp as the fourth QB so that all of the drills can be run properly, but he'll be shown the door in the first or second round of cuts.

Running Backs

Starters: Clinton Portis
Backups: Ladell Betts, Rock Cartwright, Nehimiah Broughton

Broughton made it as a seventh-round selection last year and his roster spot is on the safe side, but far being from a given. The team has already brought in Jesse Lumsden, a highly regarded player in the Canadian league. If a running back was drafted, Broughton's seat would get to be very hot indeed.

Tight End/ H-back

Starters: Christian Fauria, Chris Cooley
Key Backups: Mike Sellers, Robert Johnson, Manuel White

Johnson is big, fast and totally without any resume of accomplishment in the NFL. It seems likely that if a tight end is taken there will be a big target on his back. White was drafted in the fourth round last year with the idea of converting him from a running back to an H-back. The switch was not going well when White went on injured reserve just prior to the start of the season. He will also be in a battle for survival.

Wide Receivers

Starters: Santana Moss, Brandon Lloyd
Key Backups: Antwaan Randle El, David Patten, James Thrash, Taylor Jacobs, Antonio Brown, Jimmy Farris

Joe Gibbs said on Monday that there was not much of a chance that they would draft a receiver. Despite that, Jacobs, Brown, and Farris seem to be as good as gone.

Offensive Line

Starters: Chris Samuels, Derrick Dockery, Casey Rabach, Randy Thomas, Jon Jansen
Key Backups: Jim Molinaro, Mark Pucillo, Tyson Walter

None of the three backups will be sleeping well come Sunday night after the draft. The Redskins are very likely to draft one or two offensive linemen and whoever is brought in will be given every opportunity to wrest a spot away from those three. Actually, the team may decide to go with more offensive linemen, perhaps as many as nine, so one could be added without costing anyone a job.

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