Redskins Draft Target--G Adam Stenavich

Offensive line depth is a draft priority for the Redskins, but one that is unlikely to be addressed in the earlier rounds. Adam Stenavich was a tackle at Michigan who will be moving to guard in the NFL. After talking to him during the Combine, the Redskins could be looking at taking him on the second day of the draft.

Redskins Draft Target Fact Sheet

Name Adam Stenavich
Position Guard
College Michigan
Height 6' 4"
Weight 310 Position
#10 @ Guard Rating
's max) Projected 
Draft Round
Early Sixth
Informal contact at Combine 
and other scouting events
Other Teams
None reported

Adam Stenavich is a tough, polished lineman who started for three years in a big-time college program. The questions about him seem to stem from the transition he would have to make from tackle to guard. There isn't as much "he can't do" this or that as much as "we haven't seen him do" it.

With the retirement of Ray Brown and the release of Cory Raymer, the Redskins have a couple of openings in the interior of the line. Should Stenavich be selected he would battle it out with free agent signees Mike Pucillo and Tyson Walter for the reserve jobs.

Adam Stenavich Nitty-Gritty

40: 5.42

Being a three year starter is certainly a plus for Stenavich. He has the build of a guard and is flexible for a lineman his size. Has polished technique and plays with a good pad level. Excellent toughness and has a nasty streak. Should be able to be a solid pass blocker inside. He shows decent explosion, gets good pop with his hands, and wins most of the initial battles with defenders. Offers versatility and can move to tackle in emergency situations. Two time All-Conference player.

Stenavich struggles with speed rushers on the edge, which lends to the idea that he'll have to move inside at the professional level. That said, some scouts still question whether or not he can transition to the inside. He doesn't have a lot of experience pulling and could have trouble reaching linebackers at the NFL. He also needs to improve his overall power and lower leg drive.

Learning a new position is never easy but Adam Stenavich is capable of doing it. He is a tough player which is the main ingredient of being an NFL type guard. Stenavich will likely go to a team that still focuses on a power running game. Zone blocking teams won't see as much value in him because he lacks the experience, mobility, and pulling ability for that scheme. Teams that employ power schemes like the Redskins will find much greater value in him as a backup guard.

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