Potential Draft Losers: Defense

A draft pick is not just an addition to the roster; there is subtraction involved as well. There are 53 spots on an NFL roster. If a team drafts a player at a particular position that means that the coaches and front office think that he has a shot at winning a roster spot. It also means that they think that someone could be replaced. Today, a look at the offensive players who could be pushed onto the roster bubble after this weekend's proceedings.

That means that draft day might not be a very pleasant one for seven or so marginal players on the roster. Such players are always looking over their shoulders and having someone drafted in your position increases the anxiety exponentially. Here's a look at the current defensive depth chart and at who could be pushed even further onto the roster bubble by the end of next Sunday. (Note that there are some 20 "street" free agents also on the roster; they are not listed but will be discussed as appropriate.)

Defensive Line

Starters: Philip Daniels, Cornelius Griffin, Joe Salave'a, Andre Carter
Key Backups: Renaldo Wynn, Demetric Evans, Cedric Killings, Nic Clemons, Ryan Boschetti, Aki Jones

Clemons probably started to steer clear of signing a long-term lease when Carter came on board; should the Redskins find a pass-rushing end irresistible this weekend, he should start contacting moving companies. Jones made it as an undrafted free agent and any challenger brought in would have to make him very nervous


Starters: Marcus Washington, Lemar Marshall, Chris Clemons
Key Backups: Khary Campbell, Robert McCune, Warrick Holdman

The Redskins are likely to carry at least seven linebackers and Jashon Sykes, a street free agent pickup who has some starting experience with Denver, could fill that current opening. If they do end up drafting a linebacker with their first pick, as many project they will, that would put pressure on Sykes, Holdman and McCune. The team looked long and hard to find a replacement for Holdman in free agency before settling for brining him back. McCune is just in his second year but because of military service he is already getting up in years; he just turned 27. He'll certainly get a very real challenge for his job.


Starters: Shawn Springs, Carlos Rogers
Key Backups: Kenny Wright, Ade Jimoh

All of the above appear to be safe if one cornerback is taken. However, should the team tab a corner with the #53 pick and a second one later in the proceedings, Wright and Jimoh would both be looking over their shoulders.


Starters: Sean Taylor, Adam Archuleta
Key Backups: Pierson Prioleau

It's unlikely that the Redskins would pick more than one player here but even if they did these three have nothing to worry about.

Special Teams

Starters: Ethan Albright (LS), John Hall (K), Derrick Frost (P)

Albright's job is as safe as that of a Supreme Court Justice. Although they are unlikely to draft a kicker or punter, the Redskins could scour the ranks of the undrafted for a punter to bring to camp. Tyler Jones is kicking in NFL Europe and if anyone is going to push Hall it will be him.

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