Redskins Draft Target Thomas Howard

Many players have the size and speed to make it in the NFL, but lack the smarts. Linebacker Thomas Howard of UTEP has physical attributes and athletic ability to thrive and he also has the football mind to do so, thanks to some sage advice.


Redskins Draft Target Fact Sheet

Name Thomas Howard
Position Linebacker
College UTEP
Height 6' 3"
Weight 249 Position
#5 @ Outside Linebacker Rating
's max) Projected 
Draft Round
Early Second
Visit (4/12-4/13)
Other Teams
Panthers (Workout)
Bengals (Visit 4/10-4/11)
Cowboys (Visit 4/17-4/18)
Jaguars (Workout)
Dolphins (Visit 4/19-4/20)
Eagles (Workout)


We are hearing all sorts of stories these days about athletes who are receiving poor advice prior to the draft. Vince Young and his Wonderlic, Lendale White and his hamstring, Reggie Bush and his parents' house have all been in the news at least in part because these players have no surrounded themselves with savvy advisors.

This is not the case with Thomas Howard. He has quality, experienced advice on the draft process and on the NFL coming from two different fronts. First is his father, Thomas Sr., who played at Texas Tech and was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs. "Him being in the league and having a successful career in college and the NFL has definitely helped me," said the younger Howard. "We don't talk every night, but when we do converse it's helpful. Little tricks of the trade that could give me an advantage over other guys."

He also had the advantage of having Mike Singletary, the former Chicago Bears great linebacker, as his position coach in college for a period of time. "He's a very intense coach," said Howard. "One thing he harped on was staying low. Me being such a tall guy, sometimes on contact I do rise and I do get high. Otherwise, he was a very intense coach, a player's coach. We were in awe when I first heard going to be our coach."

That solid advice, along with his outstanding ratio of size and speed--he's 6-2, 239 and he ran the 40 in 4.5--has him well positioned in the upcoming draft. He should be taken in the second round and, if things fall right or the Redskins maneuver themselves up a few slots from their current second-round position at #53, he could be the player that Washington selects. 

Thomas Howard Nitty-Gritty

40: 4.49
Year: 5Sr

Bio: Three-year starter and All-Conference selection the past two years. Totaled 85/7.5/3 as a senior after 62/8/14 the prior year.

Pos: Athletic linebacker with outstanding size/speed numbers. Breaks down well, quick to the sidelines and is effective in space. Plays with good degree of suddenness, flashing on the scene and offers terrific skills in pursuit. Quickly locates the ball and works to make plays. Easily runs downfield with backs or tight ends in coverage.

Neg: Undersized, easily blocked from the action and not a strong tackler. Inefficient and does not consistently take proper angles to the play.

Analysis: An exceptional athlete, Howard offers plenty of upside for the next level. Has starting potential once he improves his playing strength and efficiency on the field.

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