Draft For Dessert?

The Redskins draft brain trust seemed to be happy to have a dull draft day on tap. Our John Keim looks at today's press conference and at what the Redskins may do over the weekend.

Draft is no jokeThe jokes came flying today. First: Vinny Cerrato said he's glad the Redskins don't have a high pick.

And why is that? Because it means they had a good fall.

Later, when asked what they'd be doing during the day considering how late they pick, he said, ''Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We'll pick sometime around dessert.''

OK, Jay Leno won't be buying these jokes anytime soon, but they highlight the Redskins' situation this weekend. Their picks lack pizazz on the first day. Which is just fine with them: they solved their primary needs via free agency.

''We're not penciled in that we have to have [a certain position],'' Cerrato said.

The Redskins have picks in the second round, fifth round, sixth round (three of them) and seventh round (two). So six of their seven choices are in the fifth round or lower.

Here are the Redskins' options:

Trade up: They're unlikely to move into the first round, but they're also an aggressive franchise so it's always a possibility. More likely, they would move higher in the second round to grab someone they like at a position they want -- linebacker, cornerback or tight end.

Also, they could package some of their lower-round picks and maybe move into the fourth round, or grab another fifth-round selection.

Draft a TE: Chris Cooley will line up more as a traditional tight end this year and the Redskins are really intrigued by Robert Johnson because of his size and speed. But there are a couple good tight ends who could slip to 53rd, including Notre Dame's Anthony Fasano and Wisconsin's Owen Daniels, both of whom vistied Redskins Park.

''It's deeper than it's been in a while,'' Cerrato said of the tight end class.

Draft a LB: Now, whether this was a forgetful moment or not, who knows. And when it comes to the draft, people try to read into everything. So ... When Vinny Cerrato was mentioning all the positions and rating their draft status, he left out linebacker, almost as if he didn't want to tip his hand. On the other hand, it could have been an innocent mistake. We'll see. That said, they could use a weakside linebacker, or another middle 'backer. One of them should be available at the 53rd selection. It's unlikely that Robert McCune will have much of an impact, meaning they need to get someone here who could fill in should Lemar Marshall get hurt. San Diego State's Freddie Keiaho is a possibility in the middle. Problem is, he's only 5-foot-11 and 224 pounds; that's small. On the outside, Rocky McIntosh (Miami) and Thomas Howard (UTEP) are possibilities. But coach Joe Gibbs talked today about a player they like who has an injury past and some doctors have cautioned them about his future. He would not say who that player was, but McIntosh has an injured past.

Also, Cerrato did say later that he didn't see a lot of depth at this position. So if you want a linebacker, you need to get one in the first two rounds.

Draft a CB: Another possibility because the draft is deep at this position, but the Redskins solved their nickel needs by signing Kenny Wright and they need to find other players who can help. Barring a player they really like falling to 53, it's hard to imagine them taking a corner this high.

Draft an OL: Maybe late, but it's highly unlikely they would do so early. They like the free agent pickups they have inside (even though people around the league are skeptical of them). And they like Jonta Woodward, whom they signed from Canada, as a backup tackle along with Jim Molinaro.

Draft a RB: No way.

Draft a QB: They're clearly set at this position. Jason Campbell will get plenty of time to develop this summer and they don't feel a need to find another young QB to groom as a backup. That can come next season. For now, it's a clear order: Mark Brunell, Todd Collins and Campbell. But Campbell will get the bulk of the playing time this summer, Joe Gibbs said.

Draft a WR: They signed Antwaan Randle El and traded for Brandon Lloyd because this is not a deep position in the draft. So they're set here.

Draft a K/P: Maybe late if someone falls this far. They're happy with John Hall, when he's healthy; and they see potential in Derrick Frost. Plus, Frost can kick off and relieve Hall of that burden.

Draft a DL: They signed Andre Carter because they didn't see a lot of depth here, either, as far as pass rushers. They appear to be set on the interior, but a late-round pick is a possibility; someone who would be practice squad fodder for a year or two.

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