Q&A With Rocky McIntosh

If nothing else, the Redskins' newest draft pick will qualify as one of their smartest players. He scored a 29 on the Wonderlic test; he already has graduated with a degree in criminology and he's close to getting degrees in African American Studies and English. He's smart enough to know that Washington could be a good fit for him as well.



Q: What do you think about coming to Washington ?

A: It's good. I appreciate them picking me up and I'm glad to be a Washington Redskin.


Q: Did you talk to Taylor or Portis or Santana about playing here: I ran into Sean when I was up there. Clinton and Santana weren't around. I spoke to Sean a little bit.


Q: What did he tell you?

A: Nothing, man. Just that it's a good place and he likes it up there. We didn't talk too much about football, but he said it's a good place.


Q: The Redskins said they targeted you all along. Did you get that sense from them before the draft: Yeah. I spent a lot of time when I was there. It was nothing but positive stud that they had to say about me. They showed that they cared about me.


Q: The Redskins talk about your versatility; what do you think you bring to the team?

A: It's a very speedy defense, very athletic; guys go out and fly around and that's what I did in my tenure at Miami . They did their homework and found that in me. I can play all three positions and I'm a very aggressive guy.


Q: Do you have a preference for where you like to play?

A: Not really, but I like the outside better.


Q: Did you think you might go in the first round?

A: I thought I would go higher. Of course, everybody would. But they traded up to come get me and I appreciate that.


Q: What do you do best on the field: Attacking. That's one of my best attributes. I attack with my speed and knowing where the plays are going and reading the offensive sets.


Q: Your family moved a lot as a kid because your dad is in the military. But you wanted to stay with your grandmother in South Carolina in high school. Why?

A: I stayed with her because it was the last couple years of high school and I was tired of moving. They were gonna move to Texas and I just wanted to stay with my grandmother and finish my couple years up.


Q: Was that a hard decision to make?

A: No, it was OK. I was there with some family in Gaffney. I love my grandmother. She gets on my nerves a little bit of the time, but everything was cool and I'm glad I could stay.


Q: How many times have you moved?

A: Probably about 10 times. We moved a lot and it was good. We got to go to a lot of places and be around a lot of people. It was a wonderful experience.


Q: Where are some places you've lived?

A: I was born in New York . I went to Tacoma , Washington – I was out there twice. We went to Tennessee and and Kentucky and then finished up the last couple years in Gaffney.


Q: Why did they nickname you Rocky?

A: My grandmother gave me that nickname. Everyone has their nickname and they thought when I was born I'd be a hard-headed guy so they named me Rocky.


Q: Were they right?

A: No, I'm not hard-headed.


Q: Your agent said you're not a typical Miami guy. What does that mean?

A: He's probably talking personality-wise. When it's time to take care of business, I do. And a lot of other guys are more outgoing and a little cocky sometimes. I'm kind of quiet. I love playing football. I go out and do my job along with the rest of the guys.


Q: What appealed to you about criminology?

A: Just law enforcement itself and the possibility of going to law school. I like helping others so that was very appealing to me.


Q: Do you want to wear No. 50 [his number in college]?

A: Who has it now?

Q: Khary Campbell.

A: Maybe I have enough money to buy it from him. But whatever number they give me, I'll turn it into something.

Q: How would you feel about succeeding LaVar Arrington on the weakside?

A: It would be great to go in there and follow in his footsteps. He was a great player, a tremendous player.


Q: Do you look forward to playing with Sean again?

A: Oh yeah. I had a lot of fun playing with Sean. He's a great athlete and a nice person to be around. He stayed in my apartment complex in Miami so I got to see him a lot. He's just a great guy.

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