N. Colorado DB Doughty is Sixth-Round Pick

The Redskins went back to need with their initial sixth-round pick, adding depth at safety by taking Reed Doughty of Northern Colorado.

Reed Doughty is their third defensive player in three picks. Here is a scouting profile of him, courtesy of FoxSports.com

Positives: Has a big frame with room to carry at least another ten pounds of bulk and muscle...Shows good read and diagnose skills vs. plays in front of him...Plays at a good pad level, showing balance and agility to slip past and avoid blocks working through trash...Has a very good feel for the receiver in patterns, using his hands effectively to press his opponent and delay the route's progression...Gets a good jump on the ball and is rarely fooled by play action and misdirection, doing a good job of reading the quarter-back's arm motion to get in position quickly in order to make the play...Shows steady acceleration and while more quick than fast, he knows how to take proper angles to shorten the field and close...Times his leaps well and has natural hands to extend for the ball away from the body's frame...Maintains concentration battling for the jump ball and has the big hands needed to properly secure the pigskin...Plays off the blocks with good hand usage and shows urgency coming off the edge in backside pursuit...His awareness of the receiver in the deep zone allows him to keep the plays in front of him...Backpedals with ease and does not take any wasted steps in transition.

Negatives: Has a big frame, but needs to add strength, especially in his chest and shoulder area...Must refine his tackling technique, as he is prone to making the low side tackle rather than squaring up, wrapping and securing...Needs to do a better job of opening his hips, as he looks a bit sluggish in his plant and drive action...Does not explode into his hits, but compensates by being in position to make the play...Does not show the second gear needed to recover when beaten...His failure to redirect out of his breaks causes him to lose relationship with receivers when going deep in man coverage (best when working the short and intermediate areas).

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